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Traveller - Library Data

 Library data on a handful of systems in Foreven subsector P


E3307C9-6 De Na Po

Settled by a colonial generation ship in 732, Anandanang has in recent decades been trying to shake off its reputation for being a remote backwater world. Despite being on a Jump-1 main, it was seldom visited due to the fact that it has no liquid oceans and the system lacks a gas giant. Its low (pre-stellar) tech level and lack of real starport facilities certainly did nothing to help matters.

The planetary government has been making great strides in attracting commerce to the planet, which led to its acceptance as an imperial protectorate. Anandanang supplies a large number of military personnel to the Imperium (mostly ground forces, but the navy has not been averse to recruiting from the planet's elite). There are also large stretches of wasteland set aside for the imperial marines' desert survival & combat training run by local instructors whose knowledge of such harsh environments is unmatched within the subsector.

Anandanang has very little in the way of commercial exports, mostly local arts & crafts and architectural/ornamental stone. In order to increase commercial traffic, many improvements have been made to the downport (it is approaching reclassification to D) and incentives for traders abound. There is no highport, but the government operates a surplus 2000t freighter as an orbital refuelling station. Any merchant ship under 600t leaving the planet with a full cargo of local goods will be refuelled for free. Larger ships may apply for reduced refuelling contracts with the port authority. The refuelling ship makes occasional trips to Oothoom to purchase refined fuel, about once every 3 months.

The planetary government has also been encouraging tourism to bolster the economy. The deserts are full of natural splendour. ATV treks and even hiking excursions are becoming popular with wealthy offworlders, due in no small part to the government-backed marketing campaigns across the subsector.

The populace itself is also billed as an attraction. Friendliness, cooperation, and hospitality are their most highly prized cultural values. Survival on such an unforgiving planet fostered these behaviours; the colonists viewed the harsh environment as the enemy rather than each other, and banded together to overcome it.


B774989-B Hi In

A hundred years (and three tech levels) ago, Izbelia was a pleasant, Rich, pre-stellar world seeking inclusion into the Third Imperium. Since that time, the influx of imperial monies and the laissez-faire attitudes of the ruling council have vastly improved the planet's technological and manufacturing base at the expense of its environment. The effects on the world's citizens, however, are more complex. Individual freedoms and ease of movement have been somewhat curtailed, though vocal dissent is still somewhat acceptable and there are no reprisals such as are common on other high-law worlds. Wages are quite low by most standards, and most of the populace lives below the poverty line, but the standard of living has been rising as new technologies have been made readily available, and unemployment is almost unknown except in the largest cities. The IISS base is a source of wonderment to the local population but is viewed with suspicion by the world's rulers. In actual fact, its position orbiting a distant gas giant in the system (32 AU from the mainworld's orbit) means that it has very little to do with the lives of the people at all, though they do recruit from the state-run college in Nordonda, the capital city.


B743784-A Po

Veegint is a rather unremarkable planet on the edge of Imperial space. Travellers will find that most of their needs can be adequately provided for, but as a rule superior facilities exist on other worlds only a few jumps away. Many subsector-wide corporations have branch offices in the capital city of Belnn, but just as many do not. Veegint is truly only of importance to the IISS. The largest Scout Base in the subsector is located in orbit around the planet; it is the administrative hub of all Imperial scout activity in the Foreven sector, and maintains equipment of a tech level far surpassing that of the planet itself. It is also the coreward end of the X-boat route linking the Imperial worlds in Foreven to the island of imperial influence in the Seven Sisters subsector of the Spinward Marches. The more conspiratorially-minded point out that Veegint lies closest to the interdicted system of T'nan, where imperial scientists pursue projects of such questionable legality that they cannot operate within Imperial borders. Needless to say, these rumours have no basis in reality.

New Dlemmis

B641400-B Ni Po

New Dlemmis is a poor, arid world without any law or government. The inhabitants live on a mixture of independent farms and homesteads, or else in corporate outposts and mines exploiting the planet's mineral wealth. The local tech level is high, all things considered, though most of the technology was originally brought from off world.

The first settlers only arrived in 1043. They renamed the planet from Delphi P-0704 to New Dlemmis, in honour of Dlemmis City on Oothoom. The planet had been completely overlooked for centuries until the IISS resurveyed it in 1035, discovering large deposits of tin, zinc, and iridium, and also nutrient-rich volcanic soil that favoured the introduction of junafl, a cactus-like tree, and herds of untefyi (500kg grazers who feed upon the junafl), to be raised as food stock.


A877758-7 Ag

Uloryy is a pleasant (despite the atmospheric taint) agricultural world. Most of the population live in small farming communities, and it isn't unusual for the nearest neighbour to be many kilometres away. There are a few big cities, mostly serving as transport hubs and administrative centres. Food from Uloryy feeds many planets throughout the subsector, making it one of the Imperium's most important holdings. A top quality starport has been built on the world, which sees visits from dozens of enormous bulk freighters every day. There is also a large Naval base on Uloryy's single moon. The Imperium recognises the strategic value of such a world, and goes to great lengths to ensure its prosperity and security.


A7C0A9E-D De Hi In Amber

Pa'trix is considered by many to be a hellish world. With a surface gravity of 1.6g, temperature in excess of 350C, and an acidic atmosphere, it is a wonder that it is inhabited at all. But inhabited it is, with the bulk of it's billion inhabitants living underground, or in the strange black spires of the arcologies that rise hundreds of meters above the blasted orange rock of the world's surface. The government is as unforgiving as the environment, with the bulk of its citizens living in fear of the oppressive, totalitarian régime. The factories of the world produce ultra high-tech goods for export. Trade is tightly regulated, but many corporations and free traders alike are willing to put up with the red tape in order to score lucrative deals with the governmental Exterior Trade Commission; there is no private sector on Pa'trix. Fortunately for nearby worlds, Pa'trix seems content to remain relatively insular and has no expansionist predilections. Pa'trix's navy is formidable, but possessed of few jump-capable ships. In the past 600 years, Pa'trix has only been goaded into one interstellar conflict, with Lime in 1087. After a brutal assault on Lime's industrial and military centres, the Pa'trixian fleet simply retreated back to their own world. Lime has yet to recover from the war. Pa'trix's only outside holding is the prison world of i'Pa'trix (B96676B-8 Ag Red). This world is absolutely forbidden to outsiders. Any uninvited ship approaching within 150 diameters of the planet can expect to be fired upon by the Pa'trixian naval vessels interdicting the world. Some provision is made for ships who misjump into the system, but even these can expect to be boarded and searched thoroughly. Prisoners on i'Pa'trix lead hard lives working the enormous farms that cover the planet's surface. They are divided into communities based on their status as violent, non-violent, political etc. offenders, and as long as quotas are met they are left to organise and fend for themselves. The prison overseers reside within the great military fortress at the planet's northern pole, and exert their influence through vidcom meetings with the Select Prisoners Boards who manage each settlement. Punishments meted out by the overseers are infrequent but severe. Generally, this involves punitive strikes by army units stationed onworld, but in serious cases has been known to include orbital bombardment. Most sentences are for life. The prisoners are a mix of criminals and dissidents from Pa'trix, and criminals from other worlds whose governments have payed a small fee. The giant farms supply food for Pa'trix; surpluses are generally sold on to other worlds, though in some instances have been shipped off as food aid. In fact, the short term survival of the population of Lime after the war is largely credited to food drops from the same Pa'trixian battle tenders that brought the ships which devastated the planet's infrastructure.


C587A7A-C Hi Amber

Dimmul is a high-population, balkanised world whose amber classification stems from the numerous space and ground wars that have plagued the system for the past 60 standard years.

There are approximately 70 nations of various sizes on the planet itself -- the number varies as coups and invasions take their toll. Only about 25 of these nations are unaligned; the rest belong to one of three factions vying for control of the world. There are two additional power blocs on minor planets in the system. The larger nations on Dimmul prefer to fight proxy wars through their lesser allies. There are, at the time of this writing (100-1106) six shooting wars involving the mainworld, five on the ground and one in space. These have all been dragging on for decades, and are mostly stalemated.

The Imperium maintains a planetary embassy in the unaligned city-state of Vunsetgie, on the planet's equator. Dimmul's major starport is located in the city state as well, with the highport in stationary orbit above. Officially, the Imperium does not support any of the factions, and Imperial diplomats are often called in to broker treaties between them. There does exist an unofficial policy of providing aid to the minor nations, though direct military intervention is prohibited.

The Imperium does not regulate mercenary companies based within the Imperium that wish to pursue tickets on Dimmul, but many of them are hesitant to do so since the Imperial Rules of War do  not apply. Nuclear weapons have never been used on Dimmul, as nuclear escalation would render the planet quickly uninhabitable, but chemical (and, to a lesser extent, biological) warfare is unfortunately common.


  1. Interesting. Not exactly the "garden spot" of the Imperium is it?

    -- Jeff

    1. Being on the far-removed border makes the Imperial worlds a more cohesive whole than in other parts. But there's plenty of wilderness beyond, as it were.

  2. Well today I did some more preparatory work on a solo Traveller campaign of my own . . . although I do not know when I will get more done because I start a new cycle of chemotherapy today (Thursday). In addition my gout chose this morning to start zinging one of my toes . . . so I'm currently "zonked" on pain pills.

    Anyway here is the blog I started back when you first posted your "Star Trader" solo adventure:

    I haven't started anything yet . . . but at least I have a ship (the Blue Pelican), a crew of seven and a subsector to adventure in. The subsector is Gateway Sector, Subsector J (in Gamma Quadrant) . . . which I had already chosen but could now get a image of by using the "poster maker" link you had a post or two back.

    So you have at least inspired me to get set up . . . but from past experience chemo can be so extremely fatiguing that I might not be able to accomplish much for some months . . . but at least I am getting things set up.

    -- Jeff

    1. I know someone else going through chemo, so I understand completely. I am bookmarking your site so I don't miss a post when you do get back to it.

      One of the things I've always loved about Traveller is that setting up for a game is a fun game in itself. Even if I didn't have the 1001 Characters book I would never want for NPCs mid-adventure. I got piles of characters I've made in spare moments.