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Now in English! More spells and spellcasters in Épées & Sorcellerie 2nd ed.

Additional material for Priests and Sorcerers


Three optional sub-classes:


This variant of the of the priest is an adept of the ways of nature. Hermits live amongst plants and animals more often than amongst humans. They lose the use of priest spells relating to good and evil, but gain instead those sorcerer spells which concern flora and fauna. They repel plants and animals rather than the undead. Finally, they may not wear any metal armour, but gain a +2 bonus to stealth and survival in natural surroundings.


This variant of the of the priest is a mystical zealot, part of a militant religious order known as the Church of Law. Clerics vow their lives to the fight against Chaos in all of its forms. Because of this, they lose the use of all reversed priest spells, but may repel undead and demons.

Required alignment: Law


This variant of the of the priest is cultist, part of a sect which worships one of many demons, for whom they organise bloody sacrifices and depraved orgies. Anti-clerics have the goal of the final destruction of the Church of Law. Some of them infiltrate this order, passing themselves off as clerics, working secretly for the Church's ruin and all the while continuing to venerate their demoniacal deity. The anti-cleric can use all priest spells, including both versions of reversible spells, but loses the exorcism ability.

Required alignment: Chaos

New Spells

Level 2 Invocations


Level 2 / Range: 10x / Duration: Turns.

The priest and their party move without making the slightest sound. The priest can also use this invocation to make something else silent, and object or creature for example.

Level 3 Invocations


Level 3 / Range: 1x / Duration: Rounds.

The priest's enemies within the zone of effect receive a -1 penalty to saving throws for every 4 levels of the caster.

--- --- --- ---


Rule addition and new spells.

Elemental Forces (addition): The range in metres is equal to the sorcerer's level.

New Spells

Level 1 Spells


Level 1 / Range: Caster / Duration: Rounds.

A magical barrier between the sorcerer and his enemies grants armour class 11 against missiles and 10 against other attacks.


Level 1 / Range: 1x / Duration: Turns.
The sorcerer can cause his voice to come from somewhere other than his own mouth, for example a statue, and animal, etc.

Level 2 Spells

Mirror Image

Level 2 / Range: 1x / Duration: Rounds.
1d3 images of the sorcerer appear. They are indistinguishable from the sorcerer and copy his every move. Any successful attack upon an image dissipates it, but the others will continue to exist.


Level 2 / Range: 1x / Duration: Special.
A mouth appears on an object (or its own mouth appears to animate) and speaks a message of five words per caster level. The message is determined by the sorcerer at the moment of casting.

The message may be delivered under certain conditions, for example, if someone approaches within a radius of five metres, if an elf touches the object, etc. The spell lasts until the message has been delivered.


Level 2 / Range: 10x / Duration: Rounds.

Whichever form this spell takes, the caster must have access to a fire of some kind, be it a torch, blaze, brazier, campfire, etc. The caster may choose to create dancing lights, coloured and/or dazzling lights resembling fireworks, or else obscure the area with smoke. The extent of the spell's effects depends largely on the size of the fire used. The fire is extinguished when the spell ends.

Level 3 Spells

Conjure Shadows

Level 3 / Range: x10 / Duration: Hours.

The sorcerer can summon 1d6 shadows, who are bound to his service. The entities obey the sorcerer, but retain their own personality and do not always carry out their orders in the way that the sorcerer would have wished, especially if they are sent out of the the sorcerer's sight. These creatures cannot cross the area of a spell of Protection from Evil.

Level 4 Spells

Ice Storm

Level 4 / Range: 1x / Duration: Rounds.
The elements are unleashed in the area of effect. Hail pummels all creatures present, inflicting 5d6 damage per round (no saving throw).

Level 5 Spells

Contact Outer Entity

Level 5 / Range: Caster/ Duration: Special.

This formula permits the sorcerer to ask three questions of an Outer Entity (demonic, divine, it makes little difference. In a Swords & Sorcery context, the entity will most likely be demonic). It will respond, but usually in an elliptical, oracular, or coded fashion, depending on the extent of the questions.

Even though it will respond correctly, a demonic entity will try to twist its responses to lead the sorcerer into error. If it is offended, the sorcerer will become permanently insane (no saving throw).

Level 6 Spells

Conjure Demon

An additional variant of Conjure Djinn.

Telluric Shaping

Level 6 / Range: 10x / Duration: Turns.

With this spell, the sorcerer can completely transform the terrain in the area of effect (either on the surface or underground), flattening hills, opening fissures, collapsing caverns, etc. Whatever the sorcerer modifies, it requires a full turn to complete. The modifications are permanent and remain after the spell's duration has elapsed. They cannot be dispelled, only the spell itself may be.

Legendary Knowledge
Level 6 / Range: Special / Duration: Special.
By means of this spell, the sorcerer acquires knowledge of a magic item, person, or legendary place. It is up to the GM to decide what constitutes "legendary" status. The ritual necessary to cast this spell is sometimes very long: 1d6x10 days. The information obtained may be in the form of a riddle, a poem, etc.


Level 6 / Range: 10x / Duration: Rounds.

Creatures flee from the sorcerer as quickly as possible until they are out of the spell's range. Another version of the spells deflects objects projected towards the sorcerer (like arrows or thrown weapons) back to their senders, reversing their course.

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