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Star Wars RPG solo - Part 19: Secret Meetings

The stormtroopers lead Zil through the base to the office of a civilian analyst who arrived with the new overseer. Special Executive Trefftun is a Human, and despite his worn and tired-looking features cannot be much older than Zil. His desk is covered with datapads and half-drunk cups of caf. He motions for her to take a seat as the stormtroopers leave.

Scene 10

Out of Control (d8)

Setup: d8=4, Interrupt (was: Investigation)
Interrupt: Move toward a thread - survive wait - Expose / Goals

NPC list: contact, target, ISB agent, informant, Imperial commander, rebel agent, love interest, Inzoyln the Bith blackmailer, overseer, executive, Baprasta the barabel shockboxer

Threads: survive the wait, deal with Inzoyln

[NB. the stormtroopers at end of the last post were actually from this scene, but made a better cliff-hanger than a beginning.]

"Sorry for the overdramatic means of getting you here," he says, "but this is ostensibly an interview to ascertain your suitability for special duty, in light of your somewhat tarnished reputation. In truth, you will necessarily be deemed suitable, so we can get you in place for the task which you have been sent here to perform. I am, of course, in the employ of Morga the Hutt -- don't worry, I sweep this office for bugs daily, so we may speak plainly. Also, before we get down to business, Mr. Kuththuk asked me to convey his well-wishes, and enquired especially after the health of your 'charming Twi'lek companion'."

"Tell Mr. Kuththuk that Oosuu is doing fine," says Zil. "And keeping out of trouble."

"He'll be glad to hear it. I'm sorry this took so long, but you wouldn't believe the bureaucracy on this planet. Getting all of you in place was trivial, getting me in position took considerably more of the Hutt's resources than we had initially anticipated. You've no doubt heard the rumours that certain trustworthy and valuable workers were going to be tapped for a special project."

[Easy (10) Streetwise: 4D+2=18, success]

"I'd have been embarrassed to hear it here first."

"Quite right. The five of you, of course, are under consideration, and the ultimate decision is in my hands as the special analyst. So tell me, Zil, are all your people still up to it? Oosuu's made quite the impression getting assigned as a tech. But the other three... Jather's record is undistinguished -- I've met him, so that's probably a plus. Riilina applied for technical but didn't pass the test. And then there's Wex: barely adequate performance."

"He was hurt, but didn't want to go to medical in case he didn't come back in time. Or was reassigned. We all need to go on, together."

"Fine. I'll make the assignments."

"And I want one more," adds Zil.

"Of course. I was just getting to that. Whoever you like, within reason. Just so long as you're not putting together an army."

"Just one is all I need: Baprasta."

"The Barabel? She was already flagged for consideration by the overseer. Excellent employee file: a few disciplinary notes for fighting, but that's to be expected. No one else?"

"That rather depends..."


"On the nature of the special project. And the mission, of course. But if there's a chance to, ah, lose one of the recruits in an accident..."

[Q: How many are being selected? 1d6x10=20
Q: All from here? 50/50 (4+): O4 C5 - Yes
Q: Is the special duty especially hazardous? Unlikely (5+): O5 C7 - Yes]

"Well, it is more dangerous than typical surface mining. It's in an even more remote part of the planet, and the terrain is a bit unforgiving: broken rock, high spires, and ice rivers."

"Sounds perfect. in that case, I want Inzoyln. But none of her new friends that just arrived."

"Just as long as you realise your mission comes first."

"I do. Or I would, if I knew what it was."

"All in good time."

Their meeting concluded, Zil is released to walk back to her bunkroom by herself. It's after evening curfew, so the lengthy base corridors are empty, and her feet seem to echo in the stillness.

[Q: Does she make it back to her room ok? 50/50 (4+): O6 C6 - Yes.
+Event: NPC action (rebel agent) - Trust / Leadership

The rebel agent is a... (random template from Heroes & Rogues=) Imperial Intelligence Agent (p.51)
So, a double-agent in the ISB -- updating the NPC list accordingly
Personality: Alluring, Persuasive
1d6: 1-3 Already here, 4-6 Just arrived; 5

NPC Relationship: peaceful
Conversation Mood: neutral
knowing - effects - last action]

Then Zil hears someone behind her, their even footfalls just out of step with her own. Zil glances over her shoulder to see Lt. Haldee, one of the newly-arrived Imperials, walking towards her. She moves with a willowy, almost ethereal grace, looking more like a holovid actress than an officer of the Imperial Army. Zil has never seen her up close before, and is surprised to discover that she must be in her late forties, though the laugh lines in her face seem to be her only real concession to aging.

Lt. Haldee matches pace with Zil, and addresses her in a soft, low voice.

"Did he really send a whole unit of stormtroopers just to invite you in for a routine meeting?"

"I guess he thought I wouldn't come quietly," says Zil.

The Lieutenant's mellifluous laughter causes her nose to scrunch up in a fashion which even Zil finds adorable.

She takes a moment to compose herself, then continues. "You don't strike me like a woman who reacts well to being pushed around, Zil."

"I'm not. But I'm not stupid either."

"No, of course you aren't. I've noticed the gang you've put together. And how most people round here defer to your lot. And what happens to the ones who don't."

"We don't make the trouble. We just look out for one another."

"And that's why your people respect your leadership. You're not on some power trip, just trying to keep them all safe."

"Ssssshhhh. You'll ruin my reputation as a megalomaniac."

That laughter again. That smile. How can such alluring charm belong to a career Imperial? She must try not to appear flustered. But that voice is hypnotic...

"I hear you're under consideration for the special duty," continues Lieutenant Haldee.

"The analyst wanted to have a word about my suitability, in light of my 'tarnished reputation' as he put it. But he seems to have decided that I don't pose a threat, so..."

"Good. I'm glad to hear it. I'll be going on to the project site with the selected workers, and I'll be keeping my eye on you, Zil. Keep up the good work, and I just might have a proposition for you." [UNE: scheming - proposition - the character]

Lina and Oosuu's joy at seeing Zil return to their room is matched only by their relief. Zil is a bit cagey at first, but finally tells them the analyst just wanted to make sure she was suitable for the upcoming special duty assignments. She can't say any more about that meeting in front of Meeg, and she's still too shaken by the other encounter to mention that one at all.

Next post: Our heroes are sent to a secret installation!

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