Tuesday, 12 February 2019

I believe her

I only ever exist on the periphery of the gaming scene, being allergic to most fora & chat boards & their associated dramas, but even so, every now and then I hear about what's transpring in the larger gaming community.

So now I've seen this: https://www.facebook.com/amandapatricianagy/posts/10215845527064252

I believe Mandy.

I wasn't initially going to post anything, as I've never interacted with any of those involved, but I wouldn't want my silence to be construed as indifference, or worse.

I have three aims with this blog, being the promotion of solo gaming (leading by example), sharing my little adventure, and turning others on to the games I think are great and really ought to be played. Not that it ever needed my help, but LotFP is definitely in this latter category for me.

I've never really gotten much use out of Zak's stuff, but I play a lot of LotFP (80+ posts!), with which he is rather connected. When he was just some guy I'd heard of who was toxic on the internet, I could ignore it and keep on looking up a rule here and there in the books bearing his name without thinking on it at all. But this has rather poisoned the well. I do hope Mr. Raggi makes a public statement and does the right thing by it, otherwise I'll never again be able to support his game in good conscience. I've given up on other publishers for less. Having to potentially give up on my campaigns is a depressing thought, but I'll survive. Anyway, this isn't about me.

I'm glad Mandy had the courage to come forward, and may it speed her healing.


  1. Props for this.
    It's an empathic position and I've got a lot of respect for it.

    1. Thanks. It was hard to write, but not writing it would have been harder.