Friday, 24 July 2015

Library Data

Name           Hex UPP       Bases Trade codes   T  PBG Allegiance
----           --- ---       ----- -----------   -  --- ----------
Estoner       2532 E338569-6       Ni               820 Zo
Piemal        2533 B792369-9  J    Lo Ni            624 Zo
Zoe           2534 BAAA257-E  J    Fl Lo Ni Wa      301 Zo

Zoe (pronounced Zō, unlike the ancient Solomani name of which it is a homograph) is a large world completely covered in an ammonia sea. When it was first charted by the IISS in 703, the world was completely uninhabited. A small group of Dwyers-Mander-Tellbright Megacorp scientists arrived in 804 to 'colonise' the world -- at that time still known as DMT2534 -- on behalf of the corporation and assess its suitability for commercial exploitation. The colonial administration for this system and the two neighbouring systems, DMT2532 (Estoner) and DMT2533 (Piemal) was situated here.

When the company went bankrupt in 843, the scientists declared themselves rulers and citizens of Zoe, naming the world after the head scientist's much-beloved pet rezibb. They claimed the former corporate colonies of Piemal and Estoner as territory of their fledgling state.

Life was never easy on any of the worlds, but the exotic environment made conditions the most cramped and difficult on Zoe. Colonists were regularly shipped off to the other two worlds, and wherever possible replaced with robots to perform their tasks. Today the Zoan technocrats live in undersea family enclaves, surrounded by robotic servants of all descriptions. It is estimated that there are approximately 20 robots for every human. The few factories on Zoe are completely roboticised, and produce mostly computers, sophisticated scanning equipment, and other robots.

Estoner is the agricultural centre of the Zoan state, whilst most of their other manufactured goods are produced on Piemal. Despite their lower technological production capacities, TL C, D, and E equipment is common on both Piemal and Estoner, though it will only be for local use, and never for sale. Very specific arrangements will exist for the maintenance of this equipment. Travellers will find that the local TL of these worlds will represent the best facilities available to them, unless they are contracted for work by the Zoan government itself. Robots are also a common sight on both worlds, though in much fewer numbers than on Zoe.

As Estoner and Piemal never had separate governing bodies, the inhabitants of those worlds do not see themselves as separate nor as subject populations. They are all Zoans, regardless of residence.

Zoans speak a highly idiosyncratic dialect of Galanglic, which is almost completely unintelligible to other Galanglic speakers, though Zoans have no difficulty understanding them. All but the most uneducated Zoans can speak standard Galanglic when the need arises.

Name           Hex UPP       Bases Trade codes   T  PBG
----           --- ---       ----- -----------   -  ---
  Tellbright  2834 B332211-B  JM   Lo Ni Po         300

In 789, the Dwyers-Mander-Tellbright LIC megacorporation announced that they were relocating their central offices from Mingiz to one of the small worlds 'colonised' by their corporate scouts, DMT2834, hereafter re-named Dwyers-Mander-Tellbright in honour of the corporation. Thousands of company personnel from around the subsector relocated to the world, and ambitious building projects were begun, including a class A starport and Imperial naval base (the Company wished to retain its Limited Imperial Charter). At its height, the system was rated with a UPP of A332413-E.

The decline started in the 820s, and by the time the company collapsed in 843, most of the arcology had been rendered uninhabitable due to lack of maintenance. The planet lay barren for almost two centuries, until in 1029 teams from ZVO (Zavrhin Vehl Olosuil - Olos Development Concern) resettled in a bid to capitalise on newly-discovered rare-earth mineral deposits. The naval base in the system is primarily used as a supply depot for ZVO's operation. There is a military base located on a minor world in the system, which is leased from the corporation by The Gengo Lasers, a respected mercenary company.

There are persistent rumours that ZVO's interest in the planet is actually due to their discovery of an Ancients site, but there is no evidence of this being anything other that idle spacers' tales and wild speculation.


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