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Here follows a list of my solo campaigns, organised by game system.

Most of these campaigns are techincally on-going, which means I'll get back to them someday. I've noted the ones that at least have complete adventures. The ones without contiguous posts should have links to the continuation at the bottom (please leave a comment to let me know if they're missing/broken/wrong); otherwise, just click Newer Post to continue the story.


My first campaign, using Mongoose Traveller, followed the adventures of a single scout starting the day she mustered out from the service; her travels began here.

I started a second campaign with Star Trader using Classic Traveller rules. It is presented as the captain's log of the free trader Hekabe.

The two campaigns merge after a while, and the CT rules win out. The main campaign has 18 posts, Star Trader has 13, and then the main campaign continues from 19-27 (to be continued).

Lamentations of the Flame Princess

My second, and currently longest, game is an LotFP campaign set in a more-or-less traditional late-medieval fantasy world with a strong dose of the Weird. It begins with a party of eight elves sent from their wondrous forest home on the trail of a fugitive and his stolen book.The second adventure follows on from the first. Two complete adventures with numerous side treks: 57 posts in all. The third adventure began here, but for various reasons (mostly to do with lack of Skills) switched over to BRP (v.i.).

There is a wholly separate series of iterative dungeon crawls, with new parties descending as the old ones meet their doom. 6 posts, and a few random tables to supplement Appendix A of the 1st ed. DM's Guide.

I also have a historical LotFP campaign going, set in 1601 A.D. The horror begins here. 4 posts. A second adventure follows (8 posts, starting here).

A second historical campaign set in Rudolfine Prague begins here (7 posts so far + setup). Eventually this will merge with the above campaign.


The continuation of my LotFP elf campaign starts here with a side quest in Ildmarch. I combined rules from the BGB, Classic Fantasy, Runequests 2&3, Call of Cthulhu, and Magic World to emulate the campaign I had started but in the BRP vein. I have included copious notes on game system options and character conversion.

Tunnels & Trolls / ΚΑΤΑΒΑΣΙΣ

T&T set in the hellenistic world. Six characters descend into ancient ruins in search of plunder. Only 7 posts, which I should really get back to some day.

Runequest 6

I wanted to play a heavily simulationist low fantasy game with RQ. Somehow I ended up with a cross between swords & sorcery and a Regency novel. I also used random pictures as an idea and encounter genrator, so it's lavishly illustrated. World and character building begins here, or if you prefer you can jump straight into the story. Two complete tales of swords&sorcerability, in 9 and 11 posts.

Magic World

An experiment in adventuring with almost no set-up. 5 posts.

Dragon Warriors

A low fantasy sandbox game of knights & castles. Set up begins here, followed by character creation. The adventure begins as a knight and his squire are returning home form the crusades. One full story, 11 posts.

Das schwarze Auge

I decided to make a very small sandbox based around a single character, in this case a young witch. Character creation begins here, followed by the sandbox creation itself. Our heroine's adventures begin here. 14 posts, ongoing story.

Into the Odd

Surreal rules-light survival-horror hexcrawling. Start here. One and a half adventures, 11 posts.

Épées & sorcellerie

Dungeon crawling with a very clever set of OSR rules. Only 4 posts, but I have almost an entire notebook of worth of further adventures, which are neither typed nor in English. But the first dungeon is here.

N.B. I play with the second edition rules. Only the 1st edition is available in English, but I have translated most of the additional rules (Thief class, spells, monsters) for those who are interested in a series of post starting here.

Other Dust

A single mutant sets out on a mad Quest across post-apocalyptic southern England. I used some of the Scarlet Heroes rules for solo heroes to allow a single, first-level OSR-type PC to survive such adventures.  Step into the wastelands here.

d6 Star Wars

Things go from bad to worse for a career criminal on Ord Mantell. Rebellion era, but starting before the destruction of Alderaan. First story of (so far) three:10 posts, Start here. The second adventure begins here (4 posts). The third starts here, and will be concluded when I find the impetus to write up all my notes into a readable form.

Silent Legions

Part one of my Experiments in Horror series looks at using the Adventure Templates in SL as the basis for a solitaire adventure. It begins here.

After some CoC for the 2nd experiment (vide infra), the third Experiment in Horror returns to SL for a new campaign set in modern-day London, starting here. The second adventure / fourth experiment is an attempt at applying a non-linear sturcture to solo gaming.

Call of Cthulhu

Part two of my Experiments in Horror series is a game is a test run of my rules for preserving player surprise in mystery/investigation scenarios, especially ones using a known bestiary. Step into the jazz age here.

Gamma World

In honour of Solo-a-Module-Month, I did a one-shot of the first mini-adventure in Legion of Gold using 2nd edition rules.

Advanced Fighting Fantasy

A hallucinatory sword & sorcery epic, following the exploits of a spell-slinging swordswoman. I had a very clear idea for a location-based adventure to test my heroine's mettle, so of course I started her nowhere near it (on purpose -- the point is to have her be a fully-realised character by the time she gets to it). Two preliminary adventures (she's only halfway to her goal!) over eight posts, starting here. The continuation (still inching towards goal) begins here.

Babylon on Which Fame and Jubilation are Bestowed

Mystery and adventure in the Babylon of Hammurabi, using the 2nd (non-d20) edition of the game. The campaign set-up (plus a new character profession & urban encounter tables starts here. The adventure proper (6 posts) begins immediately afterwards.

Mörk Borg

Six random wastrels are abandoned in the wilderness, and must find their own way to Schleswig. Who will perish, and who will merely wish they'd perished? Find out here.

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