A small and random collection of gaming aids I've created (all links to dropbox).

Mythic GME add-ons

MCSV - my simplification of the Mythic Fate Chart.

New Event Meaning (Action & Subject) tables based on word frequency in classic novels. Choose from:
Matthew Lewis' The Monk 
John Cleland's Fanny Hill

Mystery Rules

A system for preserving player surprise in mystery & horror games.

LotFP rules

New magic rules for Early Modern games.

Treasure Type / Hoard Class conversions from B/X D&D and Labyrinth Lord

Party character sheets

I made the first one of these so I could easily run a whole party of AD&D PCs solitaire from a single sheet of paper. I also started using them when running social games to keep track of NPCs. When I ran a game of 3rd edition D&D, I cut them all into cards. The players all got one too (they didn't fill them in, just put down their PC's name). For combat, the players wrote their PCs initiative down on the back, as I did for the monsters, and then all the cards were stacked in order and actions proceeded as I turned over each card. Spell durations were written on the cards as boxes, and ticked off each time they came up.

I'm sure you can think of other uses, so I've left them all as word documents in case you want to change anything. Here is a filled-in example showing how I use them in play (and how the white space gets filled up with skills and spells).

B/X - Labyrinth Lord 8 PCs

LotFP 6 PCs and a separate Equipment & Encumbrance tracker

LotFP 8 PCs with separate Equipment & Encumbrance tracker

Into the Odd 12 PCs! (to save you the trouble of typing, I guess)

d6 Star Wars 6 PCs

Tunnels & Trolls 5th ed. 4 PCs

BRP 9-NPC combat tracker: not a full character sheet, but good for managing groups of (humanoid) foes. The .docx has nested tables and is a bit prone to getting messed up, so I am including a PDF version as well.

Magic World 9-character combat tracker: Two versions of the above made specifically for Magic World. Version 1 (PDF & .docx) has room for 16 skills, and can essentially be a full charcter sheet for a starting PC. Version 2 (PDF & .docx) is specifically for tracking combats and has combat-related skills (Dodge, Move Quietly, Hide, Sense, Listen) pre-printed.

And some for the francophones:

Épées & sorcellerie 6 PJs

Épées & sorcellerie 8 PJs

Épées & sorcellerie 6 PJs et fiche d'aventure pour Catacombes de la ville morte

Tunnels & Trolls 8ème éd. 4 PJs

Babylon on Which Fame and Jubilation Are Bestowed character sheets tablets

I made a single page A4 character sheet in two versions: English/Akkadian and Akkadian only.

There are also sheets that hold 4 PCs each, but space was at a premium. There's an all English version, an all Akkadian, and one with English & Akkadian (2 and 2).

Lastly, there's my translation notes in case you're wondering what I was thinking.

Urban Encounter Table for BFJB based on entries in an OB lexical list


  1. Merci pour ce blog aux articles intéressants et à la fiche pour épées & sorcellerie pour Catacombes de la ville morte ;)

    1. De rien ! Cette fiche est très efficace pour mener les PJs hardies à la mort.