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Das schwarze Auge solo - Part XI: „Und mit dem Schwarzen Brüderschaft / Der in der Hölle bratet.“

Winter is settling over Mittelreich. The air is bitterly cold, and storms keep threatening to come down from the Finsterkamm. The walk up to Hohendorf lasts an entire day, and the road is nearly deserted save for our band of travellers. They pass a long train of migrants, perhaps a dozen families, heading towards Greifenfurt now that the agricultural season is spent. But besides these they see no one, nor man nor beast.

As they close in on Hohendorf, Travjane explains that she will in nowise enter the village; she'll instead pass it by through the deep forest and make a camp near the road beyond it and out of sight. She further cautions them not to mention her at all when they stay over night in her step-parents' inn. And that everything on the menu is nice, except they should avoid the dumplings, because she isn't there to make them and was the only one who really ever did them properly.

Scene 25

Madness (d6)

Setup: set out on the road

NPC list: Ulmia the confectioner, villain, villain henchmen, villagers, family, mage, Darian the tailor, rival tailor, Captain, cobbler, apprentice, Linnert the carpetmaker, Uli the cadet, Renahban the mercenary, Jergan the warrior

Threads: revenge, the ivory box, get the needle, revenge against Captain, explore ruins

[Travjane's Survival roll succeeds, so she pitches her tent & builds a fire without a problem.

Q: Did the rest of the party manage not to spill the beans? Likely (3+): O2 C5 - No.

Night encounter- BOLD: easy foes - deputies - altruistic
solution: counteraction; well, then...]

Travjane is sitting placidly before her tent, heating broth over her little fire, when she hears a voice calling out of the darkness.

"Travjane? Travjane? are you there?"

She peers beyond the fire, and sees two of the leading citizens of Hohendorf step into the ring of light.

"What are you doing here?" asks the witch. "How the hell did you know it's me?"

"We heard your name mentioned at the inn. We looked for your fire."

"I'll be gone by tomorrow morning. Don't tell anyone. Just go back and forget you saw me. It is better this way."

"Your parents have been worried sick about you. They--"

"Worried sick, or furious?"

"A little of both, actually. You know how they are. But they mean well and--"

"They mean nothing of the sort! They just want a worker they needn't pay. I'm never going back. I have more important things to do."

"What are you doing, exactly? And in the company of those sell-swords... and that half-elf townie?"

"Never you mind. Important witch things! Don't look at me like that, you've always known the rumours were true. Now go away before I put a curse on you both!"

As she says this last, Travjane jumps to her feet and points a finger at them ominously. [Intimidate (Courage/Intuition/Charisma; skill 3) check, with +3 bonus for witch vs. peasants (as per sandbox notes) 15/18/18 - success.]

The pair hesitate for just a moment, then scurry off back to the village.

[Q: Do they keep quiet? (not sure, so random odds; 1d6=6 Doubtful): O3 C5 - No.
Q: Do her step-parents come to talk? 50/50 (4+): O3 C3 - no, but...
+Event: NPC action - Darian's apprentice - Oppress / A representative (he's making life hard for Linnert already; noted for later)]

The next morning, Travjane is up and packed before her companions have come up the road looking for her. "Oh, good," she says, "we can be off. I can't stand another moment near this place."

"Here," says Darian, handing her a sealed letter, "your step-mother asked us to bring you this."

[Willpower (Courage/Intuition/Charisma, skill 2) roll to avoid Curiosity disadvantage: 10/20/6 fails

UNE for letter-
Conversation Mood: cautious
scheming - arrangement - equipment]

Travjane takes the letter from her friends hands, and makes as if to tear it to shreds. But she hesitates, and instead opens it, all the while grumbling under her breath. She reads it to herself, as her companions look on.

Dearest Travjane,

We have been so worried ever since you left home. After what happened in the village, we feared you were getting drawn into something dangerous. And when we had no news of you, and no letters, we became so scared. All we could do was pray to Travia to keep you safe. We know you are travelling now into uncertain dangers. We won't try to stop you, but the least we can do is offer you supplies for your journey. Come back to the inn and we will see that you have all the provisions we can spare, and good winter clothes to keep you warm. Please come soon. We just want to help.

May Travia bless you,
your loving parents

"What does it say?" asks Darian nervously.

"Lies," replies Travjane. "Lies to get me home. They must think I forgot how they are."

"They didn't seem too bad to me," offers Jergan.

"Don't you dare!" shrieks Travjane. "If I think you're siding with them... if I find out you're the one who couldn't keep your damn mouth shut about me being here... you will... um... you will regret ever being born!"

"Is that a threat?"

"How about we play nice together?" says Renahban, stepping between them. "I fear for the success of this venture if we're already at each other's throats on the second morning."

[both of them need to make Willpower rolls against Bad Characteristic Disadvantages (Arrogance for him, Vengeful for her).
Travjane (skill 2): 5/18/11 - failure
Jergen (skill 5): 8/14/2 - success]

Jergen backs down, as does Travjane. But she is not going to forget this slight.

She crumples up the letter and puts it in her pack. "This'll make good kindling," she says. And with that she sets off up the road.

About midday, they have paused to eat something to fortify themselves for the long, mostly upward, journey to the Inn of the Quiet Rest. As they are gnawing on their trail bread, voices are head approaching from up the path. A trio of well-armed, adventurous-looking sorts round the bend. Their merriment stops short when they see the travellers.

[road encounter: party of adventurers, novice (equal to starting PCs); 1d6+2=3 of them; rolling d10s on the d30 Adventure Generation NPC chart produces PC types, so this party consists of a Diebin (rogue, f), a Kriegerin (fighter, f), and a Rondrageweihte (paladin, m; actually a cleric of the war goddess, Rondra)

NPC Relationship: hostile
Conversation Mood: sociable
insane - bewilderment - equipment]

The travellers look up at the trio and the two groups size each other up. The leader of the three strangers looks around at all the gear leaning against trees and placed upon the ground. "What the hell are you all doing with that stuff? Going exploring? In winter? You're all mad!"

[Q: Does anyone start something? 50/50 (4+): O6 C4 - Yes, but...]

"Mad?" says Jergan. "Insulting us when you're outnumbered... I'll show you who's mad!" SO saying, he snatches up his sword and takes a step towards them. Their hands go immediately to their weapons, and Renahban reaches for her greatsword. But [1d6=] the roguish-looking stranger bounds forward between the two sides, and turns his back to Jergan.

"Stop it, all of you!" he says to his friends. "Unless we want to get caught in the weather like these, uh, fine people, we should really be on our way!"

Everyone backs down. The three strangers hurriedly traverse the clearing and down the road out of sight. As they are disappearing amongst the trees Travjane hears the rogue's voice one last time. "Trying to pick fights with strangers? I expected better of you. Is this why you were nearly ejected from the order..."

The rest of their journey is mostly uneventful. Travjane finds a good, solid branch for a walking stick (and, more importantly, to animate against any enemies they might encounter). After another Meile she finds another one she likes more. And an even nicer once not long after that. She rather enjoying the walk, even though her companions complain about the cold and the damp. She just prefers the outdoors to the big city -- even though Darian assures her Weihenhorst is hardly the metropolis she makes it out to be.

[normal encounter (via BOLD) physical - trap - unreliable
Perception roll for Travjane to spot it: 2/13/6, ok]

When they are nearly at the inn, Travjane sees a pile of leaves looking just a bit too obvious in the middle of the path. She pokes at it with her (newest) branch, and finds a bear trap hidden within. She tries to set it off so no one gets hurt, but finds it has rusted open and won't move. She picks it up on the end of her stick and throws it off the path just in case.

"Bandits?" asks Renahban. "The rumours about this inn are true, then?"

"We should all sleep with one eye open," says Jergan.

They reach the inn by nightfall. They are surprised at the number of people currently staying there. There are only two rooms free, but as they were expecting to double up in their tents no one really minds. All they really are after is a nice fire, a cooked meal, and a decent nights sleep.

[for the above-
Q: Enough rooms free? 50/50 (4+): O6 C3 - Yes, but... it's very busy
T&R share 1 room, D&J another

for the rest of their stay--
Q: Quiet night? Unlikely (5+): O4 C3 - No, but... (quiet for all but 1d3=1 of them)
Which one? 1d6: 1-3 Travjane (as she's the PC, and a troublemaker besides), 4 Jergan, 5 Darian, 6 Renahban; 2=T

What happens? BOLD: haven - conclave - malevolent

Conclave of...? 1d10: 1-3 bandits, 4-5 thieves, 6-7 racketeers, 8-9 kidnappers, 10 killers

1=bandits; so I guess the rumour is true

Q: What are they up to? Negligence / Dispute]

Renahban is awakened in the middle of the night by movement in her room. She peers into the darkness to see her room mate out of bed and fussing about with something.

"Travjane?" asks Renahban. "What's all that noise? What are you doing?" 

"I hafta pee."

"In here?"

"Why do you think they put these pots under our beds?"

"You northerners are disgusting. Go outside!"

Travjane mumbles something uncivil but does as the mercenary asks, as her life may some day depend on the Al'Anfan woman's good graces.

[Perception check not to blunder into danger (Cunning/Intuition/Intuition; skill 2): 8/16/5, just made it]

Travjane leaves the inn and goes out into the frosty night air. She goes just outside the pool of light shed by the lantern hanging above the door, but as she does she notices torchlight a little ways away through the trees. Curiosity makes her momentarily forget the purpose of her nocturnal ambulations, so she creeps forward to see who is about.

In a small clearing, a group of [2d6=] eight people stand about arguing with not-entirely-quiet voices. They are very rough-looking, and all but one of them are armed with a variety of nasty-looking weapons. Some even wear armour under their cloaks.

"You really fucked up this time, Arndt," says an ugly, scarred man who Travjane surmises it the ringleader. "Yer blunder costed us a fortune in silver."

Arndt begins to reply, but an angry woman with a broken nose shouts over him, punctuating her words by shaking the giant axe she carries. "And now the Baron's agents are on to us. We might have to relocate. Or start paying someone else off. What would of been easier if we had all that silver!" [UNE: inquisitive - investigation - enemy]

Other voices join in, and the leader has to tell them not to shout more than once.

[Q: How does it end? Expose / Outside]

Arndt tries to defend his actions, but it is plain that this was never a trial, only a sentence. The leader orders him stripped to his breeches and hung upside down from a tree, and left to die in the cold.

Travjane decides she's seen more than she'd wanted to, and creeps away [but her Stealth roll fails... 1d3=]. A pair of bandits walk swiftly back towards the inn and overtake her.

[NPC Relationship: peaceful
Conversation Mood: cautious
inquisitive - questions - allies]

"Hey!" one of them calls. "What're you doing out here?"

[Fast talk roll to keep it breezy: 2/16/7 (just succeeded due to skill 2)]

"Uh, I drank a little too much ale before bedtime, you know? And my bunkmate's a little uptight about our shared accommodation."

The second bandit just laughs, but the first continues his questions. "That's a bit weird. How come?"

"Yeah, I know," says Travjane. "She's a mercenary too, so I thought she'd be less prissy. But she's from Brabak or somewhere, so go figure."

"What's she doing up here?"

"I didn't think to ask. Just needed an extra sword to keep us safe for our trip to the Finsterkamm and back. What with the orks and all."

[Q: Will the bandits let her go without incident? 50/50 (4+): O1 C3 - No, but... won't push too far, either.]

"What're the four of you going there for?"

"We're looking for the bones of an ancient hero. So her spirit can rest."

"Not looking for treasure...?"

"Oh, but we are! Not all treasure is gold and jewels! This treasure is the history of our very land." [Fast Talk roll again: 12/5/8, ok]

"Oh," says the second bandit. "You're one of those..."

The bandits quickly lose interest in the woman they now take for a poor, hopeful scholar. They bid her goodnight, but stress that it isn't safe to wander too far from the inn at night. For there are wolves about.

When Travjane gets back to her room, she wakes a slightly annoyed Renahban to tell her what she witnessed. The mercenary agrees that they should leave early in the morning to avoid any further problems, and begs Travjane not to get out of bed again until then.

[Q: Do they get away without problems? Likely (3+): O4 C3 - Yes, but...

BOLD: Physical-pursuit-illusory
solution: enemy help]

It is an easy matter to convince Jergan and Darian to set out early. But as they are travelling up the road, they keep having glimpses of another band of travellers behind them, roughly keeping pace. Before long, Travjane recognises some of them as the bandits. They pick up their pace, hoping to outrun them, but the bandits keep appearing behind them on the trail. They never come with a hundred paces of the travellers, who fear that they are only waiting for more of their number to appear.

When they have nearly reached Winterfels, Travjane spots a group of six hunters crouching on either the side of the road ahead, quite ill-concealed behind trees and bushes. They take up their bows, and the travellers stop.

[d30 road encounter: Ambush; number+2, level-1
Q: Is this ambush meant for bandits? 50/50 (4+): O6 C5 - Yes.

Ambush leader's Stealth (Courage12/Intuition10/Agility13, skill 4) +2 for cover : their roll: 20/19/15!
Travjane's Perception roll 12/6/10: QL1]

Jergan unlimbers his throwing axe, and Renahban cocks her crossbow. Even Travjane and Darian draw their blades. The hunters make no move to either aim their bows nor lower them. After a quick conference, it is decided that Jergan has the the deepest -- and, more importantly, the loudest -- voice, so he calls out, "Ho! What means this?"

[NPC Relationship: distrustful
Conversation Mood: cautious
mysterious - whispers - power]

"They look serious," says one of the ambushers. "Maybe this wasn't such a good idea..."

Travjane strides forward a few paces. "Let us pass. We want no trouble with you. Put down your weapons and we shall go on our way in peace."

[Intimidate: 4/12/2, success QL1
UNE: knowing - account - the character]

"It's the witch-girl of Hohendorf!" gasps a hunter. "Everyone do as she says. Please, Miss, we are just trying to get back at a band of marauding bandits who have been abusing the good folk of Winterfels. We didn't know who was coming, honest."

"I think the bandits have been shadowing us this whole morning. Perhaps we should join our swords to your cause and rid the roads of these pillagers. What say ye, O my companions in arms?" So saying, Travjane turns to face her comrades, and, in a much quieter tone, hastily adds, "we could really use the reinforcements."

[Fast Talk at +2, since it is a good idea: 6/15/15 success (even without the bonus).]

"I say yea!" calls out Jergan, raising his axe high.

The others nod agreement. Travjane turns back to the peasants. "Together we shall certainly carry the day. But we really need to discuss your hiding places. We saw you guys at 100 paces."

[Warfare (Kriegskunst: Courage/Cunning/Intuition) rolls for the Renahban and Jergan to arrange the peasants & party in a functional ambush? J has skill 7, R has 8. Total QL-2 will be difficulty for the Bandit leader's Perception roll.
J 8/5/9 QL3
R 13/11/11 QL3

lead Bandit thus has a -4 penalty (skills as Hochstaplerin, Perception 4, attributes 14: 12/17/10, failure]

About half an hour later, the bandits wander up the road, and the trap is sprung. The bandits are surrounded and [3d6-1=] outnumbered, 10 against 7.

[Q: Do they surrender? Likely (3+): O6 C1 - Yes, and...]

The bandits throw down their arms and plead for mercy. They are roped together, and the hunters and travellers both march them off to Winterfels for trial.

The village hetwoman is impressed at the travellers' selfless heroism. "I know it's not much, she says, offering them an armload of fine fleeces, "but please accept this reward for helping save our village from these dastardly villains.

"Oh, we could not possibly accept," blurts out Travjane. "All we ask is a guide to take us to the lost outpost."

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Das schwarze Auge solo - Part X: „Du und ich... und über uns Beiden die Nacht!“

Travjane tells Darian and Linnert she'll catch up with them at Darian's for dinner and perusal of the map. They've a lot to plan if they are going to make an expedition to the ruins. But for now, she has an errand still to run.

Scene 20

Chaos: Madness (d6)

Setup: talking in the merchant's quarter II

NPC list: villagers, family, Ulmia the confectioner, Decius Keiler: knight & villain, villain henchmen, Jalosch the dwarf, wandering mage, Darian the tailor, Kamillio the rival tailor, Captain of the guards at Weihenhorst, Linnert the carpetmaker, the cobbler, Darian's apprentice

Threads: revenge, the ivory box, get the needle, revenge against Captain

The cobbler's shop is still empty of workers. Travjane finds the cobbler nearly hidden behind a mountain of work on his bench. he looks up hopefully as she enters.

"The Twelve bless you," he says.

"And you," says Travjane. "Look, I'm going to be honest with you. I'm no closer to a solution to this Captain problem than I was when last we spoke. I might... I might be away for a little while too. But I will come back. This is not me giving up -- far from it. But I just might be able to secure some more leverage whilst I'm away. Can you hang on and do this slowly? and properly?"

[NPC Relationship: peaceful
Conversation Mood: guarded
knowing - history - antagonist]

"I suppose," sighs the cobbler, "If I must. I'll have to pay him. What else can I do? He holds all the cards."

"Not if I can help it."

Travjane takes her leave and hurries back out in to the street, away from the dim and oppressive workshop. As she is walking down the street, she sees a cloaked figure doing an absurdly bad job of shadowing a dwarf. "What's going on in this town!" she thinks. [Random encounter: witness government worker shadowing someone.]

Scene 21

Madness (d6)

Setup: Chaos die=4, Interrupt (was: plans & preparations)
Interrupt: Move toward a thread - revenge - Befriend / Military

NPC list: villagers, family, Ulmia the confectioner, Decius Keiler: knight & villain, villain henchmen, Jalosch the dwarf, wandering mage, Darian the tailor, Kamillio the rival tailor, Captain of the guards at Weihenhorst, Linnert the carpetmaker, the cobbler, Darian's apprentice

Threads: revenge, the ivory box, get the needle, revenge against Captain, explore ruins

[Die rolls to set the scene--
Who is the new friend? (1d6) 1 naughty cadet, 2 bullied cadet, 3 promising cadet, 4 officer, 5 knight, 6 quartermaster: 3

Q: What's (1d6=) she doing in town? Trust / Illusions - lured here by naughty cadets
Here openly? 50/50 (4+): Yes, but... needs to hide

Nearest building: (Cities, d% on the merchant quarter buildings table =) wine merchant]

Travjane is idly looking in the window of a wine merchant's shop, minding her own business when someone runs round a corner and straight into her, almost knocking her into the dirt. It's a young cadet, still practically a girl, looking scared and out of breath.

"Please, miss, you've got to help me hide! The others said we had permission to leave the Academy, but they were just trying to get me in trouble. Now some officers saw me and they are chasing me down. If I'm caught they'll throw me out for sure!"

The wheels of Travjane's mind are thrown into full motion by this sudden new circumstance. What she couldn't do with a friend inside the academy! Almost before she knows what she is saying, she responds to the girl. "Just keep going that way. I'll distract them and buy you time. Darian the tailor's shop -- find me later. Now run!"

The cadet disappears out of sight down the nearest side-street. Soon after, four soldiers run panting into the street. "Did you... see a... cadet running this... way?" asks the leader, breathlessly.

Travjane approaches the woman and puts a hand on her arm. "She went that way. But all this fuss over a naughty cadet! You're in Weihenhorst. Wouldn't you rather, say, sample some of this lovely wine than run through the streets playing mother hen?"

[Travjane is casting Große Gier, this time for an action (browse the wine shop) instead of an object. She has skill 5; it uses Courage/Intuition/Charisma, reduced by the target's Mental Strength (1). She rolls 4/4/9: success, QL2. Cost is 8 AsP; 1d20=15, no Mindergeister.

The soldier gets a Willpower roll: 17/19/11. Assuming attributes of 13 and skill (1d6=)3, it fails, and she gives in to the desire.] 

"You know," says the soldier to her subordinates, "I think this lady has a good point. There'll be plenty of chances to catch cadets misbehaving back at the Academy. Let's see what this shop has to offer; I'm sick of that vinegar they serve us at mess!"

Scene 22

Madness (d6) increased as things have gotten messy

Setup: Chaos die=2, Altered (was: plans & preparations)
Altered: new friend shows up whilst they are planning

NPC list: villagers, family, Ulmia the confectioner, Decius Keiler: knight & villain, villain henchmen, Jalosch the dwarf, wandering mage, Darian the tailor, Kamillio the rival tailor, Captain of the guards at Weihenhorst, Linnert the carpetmaker, the cobbler, Darian's apprentice, cadet

Threads: revenge, the ivory box, get the needle, revenge against Captain, explore ruins


Travjane wends her way back to Darian's shop, which has closed for the day by the time she arrives. Cranky the apprentice is nowhere to be seen. Darian himself is in the kitchen cooking something fragrant, and Linnert is sitting at the table, idly examining two halves of a parchment.

Over dinner, they discuss how best to investigate the ancient ruins. Travjane gets sidetracked for about 15 minutes relating the story of her adventure with the bandit ghosts and the ogre, and almost twice that trying to disabuse the two tradesman of the notion that she is some sort of veteran treasure-hunter and monster-killer.

A lull in the conversation follows, as they realise they've made no progress whatsoever. And then there is a knock at the door. Darian goes to see who it is, then comes back looking bemused. "Travjane, there's a little soldier here to see you."

"What? Oh! From the marketplace earlier... be right back."

Travjane goes to the door, and soon comes back, the cadet in tow. "Darian," says the witch, "you wouldn't mind if a wayward but basically trustworthy cadet billets here tonight? She'll leave before dawn and sneak back to her own barracks at the academy. It's so bitterly cold outside and she hasn't a friend in the city."

"You've already told her she can stay, haven't you?"

"Um, well, yes. But only 'cause I know you're a caring sort and won't throw her out into the freezing cold."

"Very well..."

"Can we talk in front of her, though?" asks Linnert. "We know nothing about this girl."

"I'm not a girl!" says the cadet firmly. "I'm 19! and in my second gods' cycle [Götterlauf = year] at the Academy. My name is Ulinai von Galgenkreuz. I am daughter of the [1d30=] Baroness von Galgenkreuz, renowned knight of the Shield of the Empire [Schild des Reiches: the northern and eastern provinces of the Middenrealm]. I swear to you on the honour of my family that I will divulge no secrets that I may hear here tonight. I owe this lady my continuing good name."

"That's good enough for me, I suppose," says Linnert.

"I take it you haven't eaten, my lady?" says Darian, "Pull up a chair and I'll--"

"My mother is addressed as 'My Lady'," interrupts the cadet. "though she prefers just 'Dame'. And when I do inherit, I hope to be a proper knight like her, too. But for now I'm not much for ceremony. Just call me Uli. Everyone does."


Uli joins them at the table, and they briefly outline their conundrum. Linnert puts the map out of sight in a kitchen drawer, and Uli knows better than asking to see it. Despite her ignorance of specifics, she is full of practical advice on leading an expedition into unknown territory. She is a bit over-enthusiastic, and cannot quite grasp that it is not a military undertaking, but in the end her Academy-trained mind is tempered by simplicity and common sense. Uli wishes she could go with them on their mission (as she still insists on calling it), but she cannot be away from the Academy any longer at this time, nor are they minded to wait for her next furlough.

In the end, they have a list of necessary supplies and a plan for hiring some mercenaries to protect them in the wilderness. Darian is a consummate host, and the wine flows perhaps a bit too freely. Linnert drinks too much to stumble home, so must also spend the night. They are glad of the strong soldier who can carry him up to the guest room. . . .

Sleeping late

In the morning, Darian goes to check on the Travjane, who has uncharacteristically not come down to investigate the sounds and smells of cooking food. He pushes the door open and espies the two girls still fast asleep. He raps on the door to wake them up. Travjane barely stirs, but Uli looks up and mumbles something incoherent.

"You're still here?" says Darian, "No matter. My apprentice is down in the kitchen making breakfast. You're welcome to stay."

"Oh no! I can't, I really can't!" says Uli as she leaps out of the bed and dresses hurriedly. "I should have been halfway back to the Academy by now!"

Darian bids her farewell, and trudges upstairs to try to rouse Linnert. Travjane reluctantly throws a shift on and accompanies Uli to the back door to see her out. As desperate as she is to be underway, Uli doesn't want to leave. She takes Travjane's hands at the threshold. "Promise you'll come visit me at the Academy?" she says.

"I promise."

And then Uli is off, running out into the street with her belt still undone and her tabard on backwards.

Darian waits to come down the stairs until he hears the door close. "And here I thought you didn't like the cadets..." he says.

"This one's different."

"Indeed? At any rate, I don't mind you inviting her over. But if you're to make a habit of this we need to discuss our domestic arrangements."

"You're the one who put us in your room for the night."

"Linnert thrashes about in his sleep, so sharing a bed with him is right out. And I couldn't very well force one of you to stay in the guest room with him; he also snores something horrible. It's only on the strength of our long friendship that I've learnt to tolerate the noise."

"Once our business is concluded I can move on. I don't intend to intrude on your hospitality."

"It's no intrusion, believe me! Besides, you're a much better model than my long-suffering apprentice. You fill out a gown infinitely better than he."

Scene 23

Madness (d6)

Setup: recruiting

NPC list: villagers, family, Ulmia the confectioner, Decius Keiler: knight & villain, villain henchmen, Jalosch the dwarf, wandering mage, Darian the tailor, Kamillio the rival tailor, Captain of the guards at Weihenhorst, Linnert the carpetmaker, the cobbler, Darian's apprentice, Uli the cadet

Threads: revenge, the ivory box, get the needle, revenge against Captain, explore ruins

Now that they have a plan, it is time to put it into action. There are supplies to buy, mercenaries to hire, and business in town to settle. Linnert has elected not to brave the hardships of the wilderness, so he will remain in Weihenhorst, and will supervise Darian's apprentice as well as tending his own shop.

Travjane accompanies Darian on the supply runs, and all three are present for the interviews. Travjane is very excited, and anxious to get underway. But this adventuring lark turns out to be hard work!

[Rather than try to tease some worthwhile narrative out of Travjane and Darian's Thrilling! Adventures! in Shopping! et al., I'll just sum up a bunch of game mechanics.

Darian and Linnert are bankrolling the expedition. Since they're NPCs, I have been sort of hand waving their finances. But they aren't super-wealthy, so some sort of limits are needed. I figure they can afford to hire 2 mercenaries and buy any needed equipment.


For recruiting hirelings, I turned to the d30 Sandbox Companion. Weihenhorst is a small, frontier city (-2 column shift), but they are paying for advertising posters (+1): "2 soldiers sought to protect expedition. Standard pay (min. 1 month wages) + share of treasure found"

Rolling on the -1 column, 1d30=4: 1 respondent the first week.

Who turns up? 1d30: 1-6 mercenary, 7-10 warrior, 11-13 bandit, 14-16 dwarf, 17-19 knight, 20-22 Rondrageweite(r), 23-25 thief, 26-27 con artist, 28-29 mage, 30 elf

9=warrior, 1d6=m

Warrior comes in many flavours, so (1d10): 1-6 Thorwaler, 7-9 Akademische, 10 Stammes-

Q: Local? Unlikely (5+): O4 C1 - No, and... no friend of the local academy
Q: Will he refuse to work for a witch? Unlikely (5+): O1 C6 - No.

Travjane, Darian, & Linnert each make an Empathy roll during interview, and  compare notes. They need a total QL of 3 to get good sense of the mercenary's character (QL2 for reasonable approximation, QL 1 for vague). She has skill 5, the other two have skill 3.

They each roll a success with QL1, so QL3 total. Rolling 1d30 on the loyalty table indicates a +1 loyalty adjustment. Sounds good enough -- he's hired. But--

Q: Is he willing to wait a week for recruitment of a 2nd? 50/50 (4+): O4 C4 - Yes, but... needs a place to stay
+Event: NPC negative - Decius - Extravagance / Jealousy (noted for later)
Q: Can/will Linnert put up the warrior? Likely (3+): O6 C1 - Yes, and... he had always intended to house the help if needed

The second week's recruitment produces 3 applicants: a male dwarf, a female mercenary, and a female mage

Q: Do any of them refuse to work for a witch? Certain (2+): O2 C5 - Yes.
Q: Which? 1d10: 1-4 mage, 5-6 dwarf, 7-8 mage & dwarf, 9 merc, 10 all 3

1=mage refuses

Empathy rolls--
on dwarf: T QL1, D-, L-
on merc: T QL1, D-, L-

Q: Who makes the better impression? 1d6: 1-2 dwarf, 3-4 merc, 5-6 about same; 3=merc


Level? 1d6: 1 inexperienced, 2-3 moderate 4-6 experienced

Rolls are 4 & 6, experienced (i.e. both equal to starting characters)


Jergan the warrior is from Mittelreich. I made a new warrior character as an exercise in recalling what sorts of combat special abilities there are. His personality was generated (first) at random--

Personality: Fun Loving, Spiteful
Motivations (UNE):
1. advance the world
2. promote pleasure
3. access valour


For Renahban the mercenary, I just used the sample mercenary PC in the rulebook. She comes from the metropolis of Al'Anfa, far away in the south. She's well-travelled, as evinced by her choice of a northern weapon (two-handed sword) over something more typically meridianish -- or maybe her favourite sword just broke and she had to buy a new one up here.

Personality: Annoyed, Self-Centered
Motivations (UNE):
1. suppress happiness
2. possess legends
3. steal valour


I figured Darian and Linnert could afford a modest amount of equipment for the expedition. Encumbrance isn't much of a problem, as long as they don't get much heavy treasure. A person can carry Strength x2 in Stein (one aventurian Stein (Stone) = 1kg.) without being encumbered; every 4 Stein beyond that adds an encumbrance level. As always, 4 levels of an effect result in the inability to take actions.

2 tents (6 Stein each)
1 week provisions each (adjusted down for road travel days, so 5 days; 7.5 Stein each person)
1 waterskin each (.25ea)
1 wineskin each (.25ea)
rope 15m (7.5stein)
8 torches (.5ea)
winter cloaks
winter clothes (Armour value 1, 2 Stein weight, -1 Movement, -1 Initiative)

Adventure Points

Travjane still has 10AP unspent, and has essentially two weeks of downtime, so it's time to increase some skills. 2AP from the adventure with the bandit ghosts must be spent on Singing, the rest will be spent on skills she's been using a lot of lately. So,

Singing +2, cost 2AP
Carousing +2, cost 2AP
Stealth +1, cost 3AP
Streetwise +1, cost 3AP

Carousing +2, Singing +2

That went fast...

Then they were ready to head out on an adventure... except that I rolled an Interrupt for scene 24.

Interrupt: NPC action - Jergan - Create / Dispute

Q: Who with? 1d6: 1 Travjane, 2 Darian, 3 Linnert, 4 Renahban, 5 Apprentice, 6 Other

5=Apprentice. So Jergan and Darian's apprentice get into a nasty argument during one of the planning sessions. Not very exciting, so we shan't be dwelling on it, in favour of getting the party on the road...]

Next post: Adventure!

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Das schwarze Auge solo - Part IX: „Er hat das Schwert zum Spiele nicht genommen“

Travjane is awakened from a sound sleep by the din of Darian's apprentice opening up the shop. She lies still in her bed for a while, listening to the rain pattering down against the shutters. She hears movement in the rooms below her -- the tailor must have slept in too. She throws a wrap on and goes down to the kitchen herself, hair undone and still favouring her injured leg. She finds Darian slouched at the table, barking for his apprentice to get him some food, make a fire, and brew a pot of something medicinal.

He looks up at the limping witch. "You look like I feel," he says.

"Rough night?" she asks. "I heard you come in."

"I didn't mean to wake you, just see if you'd made it back. I lost track of you before the show started. I went to the Rose & Sceptre after, and I waited and waited, but you never appeared."

"Things didn't go so well..."

Scene 18

Madness (d6) increased as things have gotten messy

Setup: take a step back and consider situation(s)

NPC list: villagers, family, Ulmia the confectioner, Decius Keiler: knight & villain, villain henchmen, Jalosch the dwarf, wandering mage, Darian the tailor, Kamillio the rival tailor, Captain of the guards at Weihenhorst, Linnert the carpetmaker, the cobbler, Darian's apprentice

Threads: revenge, the ivory box, get the needle, revenge against Captain

[Some die rolls & game mechanics to round out the last scene:

There was a random encounter indicated during her way home across the quarter (see below).

When she got home she tried casting Balsam Salabunde (healing spell). The first roll failed due to the -1 penalty for Pain (costing 2AsP). The second casting succeeded (6AsP, 6LeP restored).

She got to make Regeneration rolls over night (+1 for good accommodations / -1 for interruption as Darian stumbled in late). 1d6=4 LeP to 27, 1d6=5 AsP to 19.

Q: Does Kamillio go to the authorities? Unlikely (5+) as he is culpable in the matter as well: O3 C3 - No, but... he might pursue matters on his own.
+EVENT: Move toward a thread - revenge against Captain- Assist / Home (see below)

And finally, Kamillio got his Perception roll to notice the tailoring of Travjane's dress: 5/15/17 failure - he doesn't recognise Darian's handiwork.]

Travjane regales her friend with an exacting account of the previous night's events, making no attempt to conceal the ridiculousness of her failure, nor exaggerate the danger which she faced (she's certain that her magic could best such a one as Kamillio).

"...and so then I ran all the way back here," she concludes. "The streets were pretty empty, so I don't think anyone saw. And I certainly wasn't followed. Oh, but who would have followed me then? I did see an extraordinary number of city guards about. I even saw about a half dozen of them raiding another shop [random encounter].

"Yes," muses Darian, "the Captain does seem to be having a lot of places raided lately." [event - Assist/Home]

"I heard he was into blackmail."

"It's been said. But he claims to be cleaning up the city. And there isn't a single person he's brought in who wasn't guilty of something underhanded, so the merchants who keep themselves clean haven't felt the need to move against him."

"But someone must want to, mustn't they? Jealous rival, resentful underling, that sort of thing."

At the words 'resentful underling', Darian's eyes flit unconsciously toward his own apprentice. But then he thinks Travjane's suggestion over for a few moments.

[Q: Of whom is he thinking? d30=magic-user
Q: Either of the two Travjane's already run across? Likely (3+): O2 C1 - No, and... doesn't know them either.

"There may be someone... I heard that a certain mage is finding him... an inconvenience."

"Really? Why?"

"The captain doesn't give the guild its due, or respect its rights overmuch." [Carelessness / Legal matters]

"I didn't think there was a guildhouse in town."

"There isn't. But we get one or two wizards through here now and again. Mostly on their way to and from the Mage's tower."

"So who is she?"

"Some Aranian, from Baburin I think. She stays in the wealthy quarter, at the Twelve Arrows, the fanciest inn in town."

"How would I meet her?"

"How should I know? Anyway, why do you care?"

"Meeting a wizard sounds interesting."

"No, I mean about the Captain."

"He doesn't respect my rights overmuch either. And that will be his last mistake. But first, we have unfinished business with Kamillio to discuss."

"So how do we proceed?"

"Well, unless I can take down the captain, I'm thinking blackmail and extortion are out. That leaves a trade -- a decent one, this time -- or...?"

"Or what?"

"That was actually your cue to give me a new idea..."

[Q: Does he have a new idea? Doubtful (6): O5 C3 - No, but...]

The two sit silently for some time. Darian's apprentice slams breakfast down on the table before them then goes to open the shop. Darian doesn't take any notice of his attitude, nor does Travjane, who at one time thought the animosity here was worse than she had fled back home.

"Well, maybe..." says the tailor, stirring his tea distractedly.


"Maybe Linnert could still help."

"Why not? I need to go talk to the cobbler as well."

Scene 19

Madness (d6)

Setup: talking in the merchant's quarter

NPC list: villagers, family, Ulmia the confectioner, Decius Keiler: knight & villain, villain henchmen, Jalosch the dwarf, wandering mage, Darian the tailor, Kamillio the rival tailor, Captain of the guards at Weihenhorst, Linnert the carpetmaker, the cobbler, Darian's apprentice

Threads: revenge, the ivory box, get the needle, revenge against Captain

It is well past mid-day when Darian and Travjane emerge into the quarter. As they are turning into a main thoroughfare, Travjane espies a group of Academy cadets, all dressed in armour and regalia. She grabs Darian's arm and pulls him forcefully back into the side street.

[Stealth (Courage/Intuition/Agility, skill 5) roll to avoid being seen: 18/10/13 just manages to succeed]

"what are you doing?" asks the astonished half-elf.

"Ssssshhhh! I don't want them to see me!" whispers the witch.

"Who? Them? Why are we hiding from those cadets?"

"I've heard they cause all sorts of problems here in town, and well, I don't want to be in the middle of a game of taunt-the-witch, do I?"

[Her Fast Talk (Courage/Intuition/Charisma, skill 2) vs. his Empathy (Cunning/Intuition/Charisma, skill 3).
rolls: 11/15/1=QL1 vs. 12/18/17=fail]

Travjane feels a slight twinge of guilt at the deception, but Darian accepts her half-truth at face value. They find another way to Linnert's shop.

[Travjane also gets a Perception roll, but at -4, to have noticed any peacock fibulae: 11/5/20 - unsurprisingly a failure (so I'm not asking Mythic if one were even present)]

When they reach Linnert's shop, he once again ushers them into the back room, and again castigates Darian for bringing 'the asset' to his shop in broad daylight.

Linnert listens to Travjane's historia calamitatum impassively; the witch can't quite tell if he's amused or angry or concerned, or some combination of the three [Empathy roll 17/15/20, failure]. He sits in contemplative silence for a few moments when the tale is concluded, then offers up his advice [UNE:scheming - proposition - treasure].

"He'd rather a nice weapon than that needle," says Linnert. "Maybe you should get one that he'll make a trade for."

"We, um, tried that," says Travjane, "or weren't you listening?"

"What about trying a real trade."

"You mean, a legitimate one?" asks Darian.


"Fancy that!" says the tailor, throwing up his hands in frustration. "And just where will we find something of such great value that Kamillio will happily give up his prize for it?"

[Q: Where? 1d30=22, a new map location.
1d37=6 columns over, 1d15=3 rows down
d30 Sandbox Companion location=outpost]

"We could show her the map," says Linnert.

"The map? You imbecile! The map was to be her reward!"

"You've a better idea?"

"Well... no. Fine. But my half is still at home."

"We can join them later," says Linnert dismissively. "The point is the lost outpost*... and its treasure. The story goes that the outpost was built to guard something important, but I could never find out what that was supposed to be. It was overrun during the second Ork-Storm**. The great heroine***, Lidde Maurenbrecher, is said to have fallen there, but her body was never recovered, even when the ork horde that overran the place was slaughtered at the battle of Winterfels. Her armour, her shield, her sword -- none of it was part of their trophies. But the handful of survivors, who escaped the outpost before its fall, all agreed she died in the fighting."

[* 1d12 for outpost builders: 1-4 Middenrealm, 5-7 Andergast, 8-9 dwarfs, 10-11 orks, 12 unusual; 3=Middenrealm; d30 theme=mystery
** Zweiter Orkensturm, known also as the Zweiter Orkkrieg (2nd ork war): 595-601 BF.

"Wait!" says the witch. "You want me to recover her sword as a trade for the needle? Doesn't this seem a little excessive?"

"Well," says Linnert, "the map was going to be a reward. Just think of the other treasures that could lay buried there! And a chance to know what happened to one of the great, legendary heroes of the past. Aren't you the least bit curious?"

[Willpower (skill 2) roll against her Disadvantage: 9/18/]

"When you put it that way..."

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Das schwarze Auge solo - Part VIII: „Und mit Geistesstärke / Tu ich Wunder auch.“

Travjane wakes up in her little garret room and rubs the sleep from her eyes. She sits on the edge of her bed, trying to remember the dream she just rose out of -- something about shadows on the moon, or were those her friends from the Cloister? -- but in the end it all fades into the foam of her morning confusion. She strains to listen, and she thinks she can hear movement down in the shop below, so she stumbles down the stairs to see who's awake.

Darian is at the kitchen table making notes in a ledger. His apprentice is in the kitchen, and Travjane can smell something cooking, or rather being burnt. Travjane plops down in a chair at the table. "Blessings of Travia be upon you," says Darian cheerfully. The witch merely yawns in reply. "Rough night?" asks the half-elf.

"No... I don't know... ugh, what day is it?"

"It's the day before we put your plan into action."

"No, I mean, what day is it today? What's the date? I've totally lost track of time since I left Hohendorf. Did I mention I'm from Hohendorf? Don't hold it against me."

"I wouldn't dream of it, dear. We can't all come from the great city of Gareth."

"Is that where you're from? How'd you end up here?"

"Hardly! Try Hundsgrab."

"Where's that?"

"Exactly. But to answer your question, it's the 10th of Hesinde. Fireday."

[The date would be written as Feuertag, 10. Hesinde 1040 BF. The 12-God Calender is the most popular, but by no means only method of tracking time. There's 12 months of 30 days each, with 5 unlucky 'Nameless days' at the end of the year. The year starts in the month of Praios (=July). Hesinde is the goddess of knowledge and magic; her month corresponds to December. There are four seasons, like on Earth (and bearing the same names). Hesinde is the last month of astronomical autumn, but it the first meteorological month of winter in middle Aventuria.

I've been exceptionally lazy about the weather since she made it to Weihenhorst, since shelter hasn't been an issue. I was just using historic weather data from Dortmund when she was travelling in the wilderness.

Travjane has been purposefully keeping a low profile. No random events random events were rolled, so let's skip ahead to...]

Scene 17

Out of control (d8)

Setup: time to see the show

NPC list: villagers, family, Ulmia the confectioner, Decius Keiler: knight & villain, villain henchmen, Jalosch the dwarf, wandering mage, Darian the tailor, Kamillio the rival tailor, Captain of the guards at Weihenhorst, Linnert the carpetmaker, the cobbler, Darian's apprentice

Threads: revenge, the ivory box, get the needle, revenge against Captain

Wassertag, 11. Hesinde 1040 BF
The day of the performance, the skies open up and drench Weihenhorst with rain. She does little else but stare out the window, wondering if the players will be forced to cancel, and the plan be delayed. But by evening the storm has abated.

As evening is falling, Travjane and Darian eat a very quick dinner (prepared by Darian's long-suffering apprentice) and then set to the task of dressing for the evening out. For a trip to theatre -- even this merely provincial theatre -- requires some sartorial forethought. Travjane is more than content to just throw on her new dress and heavy winter cloak, but the tailor spends nearly a full hour just agonising over which hat goes with which waistcoat. At first Travjane finds it a fun game, but as night settles over the city she becomes impatient and threatens him with dire witchcraft if he doesn't hurry up. Nor witch nor half-elf is even sure that she's only joking...

At long last Darian and Travjane set out into the quarter. The night air is chill and damp, and very few others have ventured out into it. They are nearly run down by a horsed warrior going at full gallop down one of the near-empty streets [random encounter], and Darian has to bodily restrain the witch from giving chase and cursing the careless rider.

The streets become more lively as they near the theatre, and when they have paid for entrance, they are met inside by the sight of a thick and jubilant crowd.

"I knew this would happen!" says Travjane. "I told you to hurry so we could get a place up by the stage."

"My dear Travjane," replies Darian, "we are counting on the crowd to keep Kamillio from seeing us together and getting suspicious. And besides, this isn't some group of travelling mummers in a village square. We're the city's own playhouse. Remind me to explain to you the concept of 'fashionably late'."

"Save it for another time. Do you see Kamillio in the crowd?"

[Q: Does he? 50/50 (4+): O4 C2 - Yes, and...]

"Ummmmm... no, I-- wait! he's right over there by the pillar."

"Well, then, maybe I can get an early start on this. If I can't make it back to you, we'll meet at the Rose & Sceptre."

"Travjane, what are you doing...?"

But the witch does not hear him, as she is already fighting her way through the crowd.

[She needs to make a Body Control (Agility/Agility/Constitution, skill 4) to manoeuvre through crowd to Kamillio: 11/10/6 succeeds.]

Travjane fights her way through the throng and gets right behind Kamillio. She summons the power of her witchcraft, whispering an enchantment under her breath. She feels the magic swell within her, and then pushes right past Darian's rival, making sure the fancy dagger at her belt is pressed uncomfortably into his back for a second or two. She doesn't stop, but continues her way through the densely-packed audience.

[Some die rolls are in order.

First, she cast the witch spell Große Gier (great avarice/lust). It uses Courage/Intuition/Charisma, she has Skill 5, and it takes the target's Mental Strength (1) as a penalty. Rolling 7/5/8 is a success at QL2. She spends 8AsP (she was back to full strength by now), and fortunately rolls higher than 8 on a d20 so the Mindergeister do not appear. The spell will last (QLx15 mins.) half an hour, during which the target gains the Disadvantage 'Lust for X', X in this case being the fancy dagger.

Kamillio is entitled to a Willpower roll to resit temptation. He's got the same stats as Darian, so Courage/Intuition/Charisma of 12/13/12 and skill 2. He rolls 7/11/20, a failure, and for the duration of the spell will try anything short of putting himself in physical danger to get the object of his desire.

But it is disappearing into the crowd! Travjane needs another Body Control roll to get away through the mass of bodies: rolling 14/5/19 fails.

Q: So what will Kamillio say? UNE--
NPC Relationship: loved
Conversation Mood: neutral
inquisitive - petition - rewards

The UNE rolls were totally random. Normally I'd re-roll a 'loved' result from a stranger, but Travjane does rather turn heads.]

Travjane finds the crowd in this part of the theatre is more impassable than walls of the city itself, which once did hold back the orcish hordes. She feels a hand on her arm, and turns to see Kamillio staring at her with an unreadable expression.

"Oh my dear," says Kamillio,  "your loveliness is matched only by that exquisite stiletto you wear at your belt. May I examine it?"

"I could never bare this blade in public," replies Travjane.

"Perhaps we could remove somewhere more... private."

"My lord!"

"Oh, dear lady, I meant no offence to your honour. It's just I'm a very great collector, you see."

"Oh! I see. But the show is about to start, and I'm neglecting my companion. Perhaps we might meet afterwards...?"

"Of course! After a show I'm always to be found at the Rose and Sceptre."

"I will see you there!"

"But however shall I wait that long?"

"Oh, very well... let's go out front. As long as I don't miss the fire-eaters!"

Fighting one's way out to the entrance is much easier than moving further in; the spectators are all too eager to let them pass and advance into their place. Finally they find an uncrowded place near the entrance.

"Can I see?" asks the greedy Kamillio.

"Here: see. No, don't touch, just look."

"I must have it!"

"It was a gift."

"Please, I just must have it! I must! Name your price."

"It was a gift. An expensive one. And to me, it's priceless. What could you possibly offer against sentiment? Money? hardly! Jewels? I think not. Magic? n-- well, perhaps. But it would have to be unique."

[Q: Does this get ugly? Unlikely (5+): O1 C5 - no.
in that case-- UNE: mysterious - whispers - knowledge]

"Perhaps," says the tailor thoughtfully, "I might have an idea of a suitable trade..."

"Might you?"

"Oh, yes!"


[Q: Does he make the right offer? Unlikely (5+): O5 C2 - Yes, and...]

"I have a magic needle. No one else possesses such a rare item."

"Show me!"

"It's kept safely in my shop."

"Take me there then."

[With all the crowd manoeuvring, (1d6+9=) 12 minutes have elapsed. The trip to the shop will take (2d6x5=) 20 minutes. Travjane is very sweet and alluring to distract him in between castings. Seduction roll (Courage/Charisma/Charisma, skill 2, +2 bonus for good-looking advantage) 17/9/5... just succeeds.]

Spurred on by desire (and perhaps the cold and damp), Kamillio leads Travjane briskly through the streets to his shop. They pass a patrol of the watch, but the sensible citizens of Weihenhorst are not abroad on such a night. Travjane is sweet and charming, and Kamillio nearly forgets the purpose of their journey from the natural magic of the witch's smiles.

When they reach his shop, he unlocks the door, and pauses to light a lamp inside. Travjane makes a show of removing the dagger in its scabbard from her belt. She nearly hands it over to him, then at the last moment pulls it away, stopping his greedy, outstretched hands with her own. "Not yet," she whispers, "if you want to take your prize, you must first go fetch me the trade." The touch and the simple words are enough to effect the potent charm.

[She made a successful casting check, he failed his Willpower roll. No Mindergeister appeared. Now, how does this go down?

Q: Is it a trap? Likely (3+): O4 C7 - Yes.
Q: Violent? Unlikely (5+): O1 c3 - No, but... (1d4)
1 hired muscle, 2 social threat, 3 threat of violence, 4 anti-burglar trap. 1d4=4

trap is (1d4): 1 trapdoor, 2 falling cage, 3 gas, 4 magic. 1d4=1]

"Yes," says Kamillio, "yes of course. I keep it in my hidden strongbox upstairs. Here, come wait by the counter. I keep spare candles beneath. I can't, of course, have you accompany me up to the strongbox, and I need the lantern to light my way. But I won't have you sitting down here in the dark."

Kamillio ducks behind the counter and begins rummaging around. He stands up triumphantly, a pair of tapers in hand. "Here, help me get these lit."

Travjane does as she is bidden, and walks up before the counter. Kamillio's smile turns suddenly into a malicious leer, and he stamps his foot down on a hidden pedal. The floor beneath Travjane's feet swings open and she tumbles down into a pit.

[She gets a Body Control check to reduce damage 9/15/4, using one skill point makes the roll a success; the remaining 3 skill points reduce the damage, which is 1d6/metre. Assuming a standard 10' pit, 3d6-3=12 damage. She's down to 17LP, and suffers 1 level of Pain.]

Travjane falls hard onto the dirt floor of pit, and screams out a few choice expletives once the shock has worn off, and the pain begins to throb. At least she hasn't broken anything.

Kamillio peers down at her. The lantern light glints off the smooth, wooden panels lining the pit walls. "If you want out of there, you'll have to hand up the dagger first!"

Travjane struggles to her feet. Climbing out of the pit on her own is an impossibility, as both she and the leering tailor both can see. But he didn't count on  trying to catch a toad-witch. She plants her feet firmly beneath her, mumbles a low incantation, and then jumps.

[casting Krötensprunge (Toad's leap): Cunning/Intuition/Constitution, skill 6. She's in no hurry so the 2 actions (about 10 seconds) casting time is fine, but she has -1 from Pain. Rolling 2/9/14 succeeds at QL1. 3+QL=4m jump. It costs 2AsP, and the Mindergeister do not appear.]

She leaps right up out of the pit and onto the solid floor. Drawing the dagger from its scabbard, she hisses at the astonished tailor, "Come near me and you can pick this dagger out of your own chest!"

[Intimidation (Courage/Intuition/Charisma, skill 3) roll: 13/6/9, success.]

Kamillio does not doubt the truth of her words. He retreats back behind the counter. Travjane wheels round and flees out into the night.