Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Library Data

Yk/Foreven (2937 D463545-3 Ni)

Yk is a small, rocky world that is predominantly uninhabitable desert. The sparse population is clustered in settlements on the shore of the planet's single freshwater sea. Around the littoral zone are forests of squat flowering trees, many of which rely on the nitrogen cycle rather than photosynthesis, and not a few are actually carnivorous, though none which are of a size to be more than a nuisance to humans. The planet's rotation is highly eccentric, resulting in a season of twilight lasting half of the 328 day year (which is equivalent to 386 standard days in length). The population is at the lower end of tech level 3. Building are mostly of stone, brick, and a native reddish-brown concrete, and due to the low (.5g) gravity are typically built high. The world's single starport was built in the midst of unarable desert, and is a day's ride from the closest settlements, the largest of which, Vcru Teol, is a city of around 20,000 inhabitants. Imperial credits and other hard currencies are traded there as an enticement to travellers.

Chabloha/Foreven (2837 E733884-2 Na Po)

On the surface, Chabloha seems like a dead world.  The atmosphere is very thin, and what little surface water exists is shallow and has very high pH levels. When the first human explorers arrived they had no ideas of staying. The first permanent settlement was a scientific research base that was abandoned during the long night. The 500 or so residents remaining on the world were forced to fend for themselves, and were faced with a very hostile environment once their technology inevitably ran down. Fortunately, they had discovered extensive underground cavern systems teeming with plant life, and with a bit of work were able to turn the caves into a habitable area (with effectively a thin atmosphere). They were so successful that today there are hundreds of millions living in the underground cavern cities. The tech level of the world remains low, though locally-made survuval suits incorporating the oxygen-producing flora allow excursions of up to 6 standard hours on the world's surface. Chablohans are not averse to outside trade, but have little use for most high-tech goods. Travellers should be aware that Imperial credits are of little use on Chabloha, and should be prepared to pay for goods and services with precious metals or even barter.


  1. I know that I will have to create some world descriptions for my Blue Pelican planets. Thank you for such good 'examples'.

    -- Jeff

    1. One of my favourite things about world generationis trying to make sense of the disparate elements that the dice can provide. I know that in later supplements there is a minimum TL for certain hostile atmospheres, but it's more fun to justify low tech civilisations on those worlds.

      What I need to do next is start adding all the miscellaneous notes that don't appear in the in-universe library entries in a GM's section at the bottom.