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Solo Traveller - Episode 8: Volunteers (9Qs - setup)

Uloryy/Foreven (3033 A877758-7) / Date: 208-1106

"That kind of hardware," continues Commander Darus, "and in that amount... this isn't criminals. It's more like revolution. Even all the way out here on the fringes of the Imperium, this is serious; even if it's not quite within our borders, these things have a way of destabilising whole subsectors if left unchecked. I need to know who's behind this and why, and I need to know quickly -- and without tipping my hand to... well, to whoever they are."

"Look, I've done this before," says Eshtam. "The CV I worked up to get this replacement pilot job isn't entirely truthful about the things I did in the IISS. I'd say you could check, but there's no scout base in this system, so I doubt you have the time and -- no, offence, Commander -- I doubt you have the security clearance."

[Q: Actually, does he? (Unlikely | 5[d10]) No, but... he is in Naval Intelligence

"No, I suppose I don't. Look, superspy or no, this is officially a naval mission, and you are, I believe, currently a civilian. I can't put you in command. But I can brief the team leader that you are qualified to run this sort of operation and to consider your input seriously."

"All right, then."

[The adventure that started with 76 Patrons has gotten sidetracked in a major way. This is going to require a little more than Travelling Alone or Star Trader to play out, so I have decided to try running it with The 9Qs from http://solonexus.blogspot.co.uk/.


9Qs Step 1: Choose your RPG

Well, I've already done this. Back to the narrative...]

"Your mission," explains the Commander, "is to land on Uloryy, unload all your cargo as normal, and wait for someone to make contact. Your cover story is that Captain Aalir was killed during a hijacking attempt by two of the passengers you picked up on New Dlemmis. Fortunately the Dikiishgammurga was nearby; you were able to send a distress signal, and a boarding party of Imperial marines came to your rescue.

"We can't risk one of your passengers compromising the mission with idle chatter, so we're going to escort them to the highport and keep them under wraps, or give them free passage elsewhere as a reward for their cooperation and service to the Imperium, or some such. I'm sending two navy personnel to impersonate the 'surviving passengers' so someone can be seen to go ashore at the downport.

"I don't think the Galatea's crew are in on any conspiracy, but I can't take the chance, and I can't risk their loyalties to Captain Aalir getting in the way. They will all be detained until this is over.

"I've rounded up some volunteers to impersonate the crew of the Galatea. They have the necessary skills to fill in, so you can still run the ship."

"Who have you got for me?" asks Eshtam.

9Qs Step 2: Create your PC(s)

[I will pick three NPCs from list in Schlachtkreuzer Kinunir, one with Medic skill, one with Engineering, and one with Gunnery. They will of course have all the Service skills for their careers (according to the MGT main book) at level 0, and I may use Mythic questions to check for other skills later if it seems appropriate. And since they're going to be on a TL7 planet, I'm going to see in advance if any of them have Drive-0 as a background skill.
Using rpgsolo.com's Get NPC tool, I'll give each two random personality traits.
I'll also roll a reaction for each to see his initial opinion of Eshtam.

"Gelray" - Starman Ishedukshim Unamshiiguu
#46 Runner Starman B7B899 age 26, Navy 2 terms, Vilani Male
Medic-1, Slug Carbine-1, Vacc-1, Drive-0
Belligerent, Deceitful
Reaction: 5, Hostile. May attack

"Daffid" - Starman Luug Slinx
#35 Engineer Starman 856973 age 34, Navy 4 terms, Human Male
Engineering-1, Blade-2, Vacc-1, Drive-0
Organised, Devil's Advocate
Reaction: 12, Genuinely friendly

"Zet" - Sgt. Tendhas Gytovo
#58 Third Team Leader Sergeant AB8888 age 26, Marines 2 terms, Human Male
Slug Rifle-1, Battle dress-1, Vacc-2, Gunner-2, Survival-2, Cutlass-1, Zero-G-1
Serious, Clever
Reaction: 6, Unreceptive

9Qs Step 3: Select a Random Idea Generator

I've started to feel that a simple d6 roll for yes/yes,and/yes,but &c. is a bit too simplistic. I am gravitating towards rpgsolo.com's version of the Mythic odds with the and/but grafted on, which seems to offer the best of both worlds. Also, I don't need to know odds or memorise the chart, just decide on the likelihood.

I'll also be using the other generators on the site for the random ideas.]

The Commander addresses the 'crew' on the bridge of the Galatea.

"Your primary mission objective is to discover both the identities of the conspirators and the aim of their movement or organisation. Your secondary objective is to break up this conspiracy if it is at all feasible to do so, or to trace it back to its source if not. You may capture or neutralise any enemy agent as you see fit. Remember, this is primarily an investigation to uncover the nature and extent of the threat to this world, this sector, or indeed to the Imperium itself. Don't get in over your heads. We cannot monitor your progress, so we may not be close by if things get hairy. Good luck, soldiers!"

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