Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Traveller sandbox

My solo Traveller sandbox is located in the Foreven sector. I'll start with subsector P (the bottom right hand corner of the map, next to Seven sisters in the Spinward Marches).

For old times sake, I'm starting off in the first subsector I ever rolled up, with only some slight modifications from its original classic Traveller beginnings. It's still my favourite one out of all the ones I've ever generated, so I have lots of opinions on what the planets are like and how they fit together. I hope to write out brief summaries of them as the campaign progresses; it's all just been in my head until now.

The shiny new map was made here:

Foreven subsector P


Name          Hex  UPP       Bases Trade codes     T  PBG Allegiance
----          ---  ---       ----- -----------     -  --- ----------
Estoner       2532 E338569-6       Ni                 820 Zo
Piemal        2533 B792369-9  J    Lo                 624 Zo
Zoe           2534 BAAA257-E  J    Fl Ht Lo Wa        301 Zo
Lasperth      2537 B469443-A       Ni                 300 Na
Olos          2538 A588652-D  JM   Ag Ga Ht Ni Ri     903 Na
Duza          2539 C363234-8  M    Lo                 624 Na
Haarui        2540 C6B5555-8       Fl Ni              622 Na
Lime          2632 X6758AA-1       Ga Lt              110 Na
Mzarz         2639 A221775-B  J    Na Po              204 Na
Eeharg        2640 BAB0866-6  M    De              A  503 Na
i'Pa'trix     2733 B96676B-8  M    Ag Ga           R  900 Pa
Pa'trix       2734 A7C0A9E-D  JM   De Hi Ht In     A  101 Pa
Antesh        2735 C569679-7  S    Ni Ri              704 Na
Hope          2736 X202989-4       Hi Ic Lt Na Va     304 Na
Bleugh        2831 C533A95-7       Hi Na Po           700 Na
  Tellbright  2834 B332211-B  JM   Lo Po              300 Na
Chabloha      2837 E733884-2       Lt Na Po           304 Na
Vrild         2839 X698536-0       Ag Ga Lt Ni     A  714 Na
Fpozz         2933 D000320-9       As Lo              814 Na
Dimmul        2936 C587A7A-C  M    Ga Hi Ht        A  300 Na
Yk            2937 D463545-3  S    Lt Ni              102 Na
Uloryy        3033 A877758-7  N    Ag Ga              803 Im
Shiela        3034 E776366-5       Ga Lo Lt           314 Im
'Dmeel        3038 A00059C-F  N    As Ht Na           610 Im
Nunuk         3039 C0005DF-9  V    As Ni           A  512 Na
Biabr         3040 B343645-9  J    Ni Po              601 Na
T'nan         3131 X664000-0       Ba              R  024 Na
New Dlemmis   3134 B641400-B       Ni Po              902 Im
Oothoom       3135 A79A643-B  NS   Ni Wa              120 Im
Izbelia       3136 B774989-B  S    Ga Hi In           303 Im
Mingiz        3137 A668887-C  N    Ga Ht Ri Cp        905 Im
Iaea          3138 A9E6241-E       Fl Ht Lo           802 Im
Imllgh        3139 A7B3534-D  N    Fl Ht Ni           605 Im
Woon          3140 B675573-9  M    Ag Ga Ni        A  603 Na
Veegint       3234 B743784-A  S    Po                 503 Im
Anandanang    3235 E3307C9-6       De Na Po           900 Im
Tierdan       3238 B200862-C  N    Ht Na Va           910 Im

Base Codes:
N: Imperial Naval base
S: Imperial scout Base
J: non-Imperial naval base
M: non-Imperial military Base
V: Independent Base


  1. Having read several of your fantasy campaigns, I'm ready to try a little sci-fi. This should be interesting for a couple of reasons. First is that I can't say I've ever heard of Traveler before reading your blog. (I know. Call me a tabletop RPG heathen.) Also, as this was your first posted story, I'm curious how your gameplay and writing from nearly 6 years ago compares to more recent posts. Looking forward to it.

    1. I promise you will definitely see how things developed. These old posts sometimes feel so rough when look back at them.