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Solo Traveller - Episode 10: Double-blind (9Qs #2 part 1)

Uloryy/Foreven (3033 A877758-7) / Date: 210-1106

Q2. What unusual event occurs soon afterwards?

[Be the GM first:
• Use the random idea generator to inspire a strange or troubling event that seems unrelated to Q1: Ambush / Enemies

Q: Are we being double-crossed? Somewhat Unlikely | 6[d10]) No, but... our contacts are.
Q: How are they being double-crossed? Violently / Poor.

• Roll a d6 twice to express the unusual event in an encounter featuring: (2) intrigue & (5) combat.
• Place will be the already determined (in Q1) agricultural ordnance depot.

Intrigue first:]

The party drives their rented ground truck (a 9m flatbed, laden with the 5t cargo container) into the countryside, heading towards the rendez-vous point on the map they were given. Starman Unamshiiguu is in the driver's seat, and Sgt. Gytovo is riding shotgun (riding ACR?). Starman Slinx and Eshtam are in the cramped back seats. Once out of the city surrounding the starport, the landscape changes to a monotonous sea of purple chulnin-reed, the ubiquitous food crop on this part of Uloryy. The day is clear and bright; not a single cloud hangs in the orange sky.

After a half hour's drive, the truck reaches the service road off the main highway which was indicated on their map. The service road is a dusty, unpaved track, over which the truck bounces and shudders for a few kilometres before arriving at a cluster of disused and dilapidated farm outbuildings, their destination.

A man in an expensive suit wearing a breath-mask of obvious (by its TL) offworld manufacture emerges from the largest, most intact structure, swings open the doors, and motions for the truck to drive inside. Dim glowlights illuminate the interior. Broken heavy agricultural machinery and abandoned storage containers litter the inside of the structure, though enough space has been cleared to pull the truck in.

The elegant man joins a group of three disreputable-looking types: an athletic woman and a scruffy man -- obviously heavies -- and their boss, a small, nervous-seeming guy. Their faces are all obscured by the old and worn breath masks they're wearing, but their stance betrays a hint of criminal bravado.

"Not exactly the revolutionaries I was expecting," says Starman Slinx. Starman Unamshiiguu cuts the engine, and everyone piles out of the cab. Unamshiiguu has an auto-carbine on a sling, Sgt. Gytovo has his ACR casually on his shoulder. Slinx and Eshtam have automatic pistols holstered under their jackets.

"Peace of Marnach!" exclaims the nervous man. "What's with all the hardware?"

"Just a precaution," says Eshtam. "We weren't sure who we'd be meeting -- weren't even given a name."

[The criminals reaction roll is 11, Enthusiastic.]

"We gave your captain a name... shame about what happened to him. Saw it on the news. Real damn shame... I'm Heni, this here's Bov and Palina, and the fellow in the nice suit you can call Sir Fenzies." Sir Fenzies makes an exaggerated bow, the others stare silently.

"I'm Eshtam, this is Daffid, and the boys with the scary guns are Gelray and Zet."

"Scary guns! By the Gods of Sea and Sky, you said it! I don't know how you kids are used to doing business, but this is just a friendly trade, here."

"If you think these are scary, you'll love what we have in the back of the truck."

"I don't follow."

"Your shipment of, uh... decorative hardwood panelling?"

"Is that what it said on the manifest? Marnach's Milk! That's a good one! Y'know, Sir Fenzies did just get a shipment of that in not too long ago to redecorate the ol' Q-hut!"

"Do you wish to inspect the merchandise?"

"Nah, we operate on trust here. 'Sides, it'd spoil in the atmosphere. Too many contaminants."

"Wait... now I don't follow. What d'you think we're delivering?"

"Dream powder. Snooz bombs. Aunt Morfella. Or, if you want to be boring and clinical, syndalizine methobromide."

"Wow, that's so not what we've brought you..."

Just then, Eshtam hears the sound of a vehicle pulling up outside the building. [Recon roll 10+4] "Listen!" she says, "You're not expecting a weapons shipment, I'm guessing you're not expecting any friends to show up either."

"No," says Heni as he produces a silenced pistol from under his coat, "definitely not. What do say we form ourselves a nice little alliance for now, and sort the rest of this out if we live to see the tawny eventide?"

Eshtam draws her own pistol. "I'd say it's a pleasure doing business with you."

"Quiet, everyone," hisses Sgt. Gytovo. "You two, spread out; I'll try and keep them from coming in too fast. You, scout girl, try not to get shot."

There is a creak as the doors are opened just enough to admit a person, followed by soft footsteps coming from behind the truck...

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  1. This is getting exciting. I just started reading from the first post onward and I'm hooked.

    I always wanted to play Traveller but never really got the chance so I'm enjoying reading your solo adventure, sir.

    -- Jeff