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Conversion II - Converting the Characters

not that kind of conversion

There were five PCs in the current party. I was going to add another PC from a group of old adventurers I used to run through random dungeons, but since I hadn't actually introduced him yet I thought I'd just leave him alone and make a brand new starting character as Brichtrethe's new recruit.

The baseline power level of the campaign is Normal, so the new PC gets 250 points to spend on Profession skills, and INTx10 bonus points. Profession skills are capped at 75%, others at 50% (not counting things like Speak Own Language (INTx5 basic chance).

As to the others, Manfred, Lycinia, and Brichtrethe are 4th, almost 5th level. Thiery is 2nd, halfway to 3rd. Ruprecht is in the middle of 3rd level somewhere. So ML&B will get to be the next power-tier up, Heroic: 325 points to spend of profession skills, capped at 90%, or 75% for non-profession skills). The other two get slight improvements to Normal. Ruprecht gets 300pts with caps of 75%/65%, Thiery gets 275pts, 75%/55%. Everyone's bonus points are INTx10.

Cultural Skills

All PCs get Status 50, which may be increased with skill points, or reduced to gain bonus points. They also get +20% to one of the following: Speak Other Language, Ride, Drive, or Wilderness Lore. This should suffice for any characters from the area covered by the campaign map.

There are two common tongues spoken throughout the area, known for convenience as Low Common and High Common, and most people encountered can be expected to be reasonably conversant in both; the very rustic and the very elevated are the main exceptions to this rule. Low Common is the language of the peasant and mercantile classes, and is the campaign world's analogue of Middle English. High Common is the language used at court, and by the nobility generally (though not exclusively); it is the analogue of Anglo-Norman French. All the human PCs except Manfred are native Low Common speakers, and all of them without exception have the other common tongue as their bonus cultural skill.

The Ancient Language (=Latin) is used by scholars, wizards, and the church.

Elves and goblins have their own language (called Elvish for convenience), with high and low dialects (dialects are not separate skills!) and a literary tongue which is not used in speech (=read/write%). The typical human language known by the denizens of the faerie forest is Low Common, as they mostly only encounter humans in the merchant town of Cheapington. Most magic-users amongst the fair folk know the ancient human language, and the libraries of Fair Feyalldra are replete with ancient tomes in this tongue. Note that elves in other parts of the word speak different Elvish languages. Théscine (my retired PC from the first adventure) speaks a continental elven tongue, as her family are not native to the campaign region.

But I digress...


Most of these go straight across. Wisdom becomes Power. Size was determined based on the image I had in my head of each PC (which cost Lycinia her damage bonus); I used the 3rd ed. RQ SIZ chart which goes just by mass, as the height notations in the BGB seemed a bit excessive.

Intelligence proved a bit trickier, since BRP's 2D6+6 skews the average higher than LotFP's 3D6. I made a quick chart to convert scores below 13, so half the party doesn't come across looking a bit thick.

INT below 13
old   new
3     8
4     8
5     9
6     9
7     10
8     11
9     12
10    12
11    13
12    13

Being an elf, all but one of Lycinia's stats required some finesse. I used the chart above to convert her Wisdom to POW, since elves have 2D6+6 for that too. Size I assigned based on her description (from quite a while back), for Strength I picked something reasonable, and the rest were pretty obvious.

Att Old roll  new
STR  15 2D6+2  13
CON  14 3D6    14
SIZ     2D4+4  10
INT  16 2D6+6  16
POW   9 2D6+6  12
DEX  16 3D6+2  18
CHA  11 3D6+2  13


Using the BGB professions, Manfred was obviously a Noble, Ruprecht a Soldier, and Thiery a Thief. I'd hoped that Brichtrethe could be a Priest, but she was such a D&D character that I ended up using the skill list for Clerics out of CF. Lycinia is a LotFP/D&D Elf (AD&D Fighter/Magic-User), but she's also an elven princess, so I mashed the BGB Wizard, Warrior, and Noble professions together to create the Elven Noble.

Profession: Elven Noble
Skills: Dodge, Insight, Speak Other Language, Read/Write (any), Perform (any), Scribe Magic, Spell Lore, Status, and two of the following: Academic Lore, Etiquette, Folklore, Read/Write (any), Persuade, Physik, Potions, Politics, Weapon (1-H Sword or Bow), Wilderness Lore.


Lycinia is an exiled princess, and Manfred abdicated in favour of his sister, so both of them have a lower effective status than they would otherwise. Thiery essentially bought his title, so has the minimum possible status for a knight.


No big surprises here. I'll spare you the minutia; interested parties may examine the character sheets.

Here follow the converted PCs, preceded by their LotFP stat blocks (in blue) for comparison. This is just the mechanical stuff, as full character sheets get wordy.

female Elf, Level 4
Cha 11 Con 14 Dex 16 Int 16 Str 15 Wis 9
HP 22 AC 18
Social Standing: Princess

STR 13  CON 14  SIZ 10  INT 16
POW 12  DEX 18  CHA 13

HP 24  Dmg. Bonus -

Profession: Elven Noble
Social Class: princess (exiled, Status 60%)

Communication (+8): Etiquette (human courtly) 23%, Speak Ancient Language 34%, Speak Dwarfish 14%, Speak Elvish (Own Lang.) 88%, Speak High Common 28%, Speak Low Common 38%
Physical (+11): Dodge 63%, Move Quietly 41%
Manipulation (+12):
Knowledge (+7): Academic Lore 38%, Blasphemous Lore 13%, R/W Ancient Language 47%, R/W Dwarfish 27%, R/W Elvish 64%, R/W High Common 28%, R/W Low Common 39%, Scribe Magic 37%, Spell Lore 47%
Perception (+9): Insight 44%, Listen 44%, Spot Hidden 69%
Combat Skills (Att+12/Parr+11): 1-H Sword 62%/61%, Bow 37%, Dagger 57%/56%, Pistol 37%

Spells: Sleep 51%, Seal 16%, Invisibility 46%, Comprehend Languages 36%, Magic Missile 31%

— — ~ — —

male Fighter, Level 4
Cha 5 Con 17 Dex 8 Int 12 Str 12 Wis 10
HP 30 AC 15
Social Standing: former Marquis of Limenne

STR 12  CON 17  SIZ 13  INT 13
POW 12  DEX 11  CHA 5

HP 30  Dmg. Bonus +1D4

Profession: Noble
Social Class: gentry (former Marquis of Limenne (Status 65%))

Communication (+2): Bargain 37%, Command 62%, Etiquette (Courtly) 27%, Persuade 62%, Speak High Common 67%, Speak Low Common 62%
Physical (+2): Hide 22%, Move Quietly 42%, Ride Horse 47%
Manipulation (+3): Sailing 38%
Knowledge (+4): Politics 35%, R/W High Common 44%, R/W Low Common 41%
Perception (+7): Insight 52%
Combat Skills (Att+3/Parr+2): 1-H Sword 78%/77%

— — ~ — —

Sir Thiery
Specialist, Lvl 2, Neutral
CHA 11 CON 12 DEX 17 INT 11 STR 9 WIS 6
HP 9 AC 14
Social Standing: Knight
Skills: stealth 2, tinker 3, sleight 2, climb 2, search 2

Sir Thiery
STR 9  CON 12  SIZ 10  INT 13
POW 6  DEX 17  CHA 11

HP 22  Dmg. Bonus -

Profession: Thief
Social Class: knight (Status 56%)

Communication (+1): Fast Talk 31%, Speak High Common 21%, Speak Low Common 66%, Streetwise 52%
Physical (+8): Climb 71%, Dodge 72%, Hide 58%, Move Quietly 58%,
Manipulation (+8): Fine Manip. 48%, Sleight 43%
Knowledge (+1): Evaluate 46%, R/W High Common 11%, R/W Low Common 33%
Perception (+2): Listen 37%, Spot 47%, Track 22%
Combat Skills (Att+8/Parr+8): Pistol 48%, Main Gauche 21%/41%, Rapier 48%/48%

— — ~ — —

Fighter, Lvl 3, Neutral
CHA 7 CON 9 DEX 11 INT 13 STR 15 WIS 12
HP 17 AC 17
Social Standing: Peasant
mace, chain armour, shield

STR 15  CON  9  SIZ 14  INT 13
POW 12  DEX 11  CHA 7
HP 23  Dmg. Bonus +1D4

Profession: soldier
Social Class: peasant (Status 30%)

Communication (+3): Animal Training 33%, Speak High Common 23%, Speak Low common 68%
Physical (-1): Climb 59%, Dodge 61%, Drive Wagon 39%, Move Quietly 34%, Ride Horse 34%, Throw 54%
Manipulation (+4):
Knowledge (+4): Folklore 25%, Physik 47%, R/W High Common 17%, R/W Low common 34%, Wilderness Lore 35%
Perception (+4): Spot 49%
Combat Skills (Att+4/Parr-1): Arquebus 29%, Crossbow 59%, 1-H Mace 74%/69%, Brawl 59%, Grapple 59%, Shield 15%/54%

— — ~ — —

female Cleric, Level 4, Lawful
Cha 7 Con 16 Dex 12 Int 15 Str 18 Wis 12
Hit Points: 25
Social Standing: Knight & Priestess

STR 18  CON 16  SIZ 17  INT 15
POW 12  DEX 12  CHA 7
HP 33  Dmg. Bonus +1D6

Profession: Cleric
Social Class: Knight & Priestess (Status 60%)

Communication (+5): Command 55%, Perform Ritual 70%, Speak Ancient Language 25%, Speak High Common 30%, Speak Low Common 80%
Physical (+2): Ride Horse 52%
Manipulation (+8):
Knowledge (+6): Academic Lore 28%, Physik 61%, Religious Lore 62%, Spell Lore 56%, R/W Ancient Language 50%, R/W High Common 15%, R/W Low Common 40%
Perception (+8): Insight 38%
Combat Skills (Att+8/Parr+2): 1-H Mace 88%/52%, Lance 53%, Shield 17%/87%

Spells: Bless, Heal

— — ~ — —

(new PC)

STR 15  CON 10  SIZ 15  INT 12
POW 13  DEX 14  CHA 14
HP 25  Dmg. Bonus +1D4

Profession: soldier
Social Class: Lower Middle Class (Status 35%)

Communication (+5): Fast Talk 50%, Speak Own (Teutish) 65%, Speak Low Common 30%
Physical (+1): Camouflage 46%, Climb 61%, Dodge 54%, Move Quietly 46%, Hide 46%
Manipulation (+7):
Knowledge (+3): Physik 25%, Read/Write Teutish 33%, Read/Write Low Common 15%
Perception (+3): Listen 48%, Navigation 48%, Spot Hidden 53%
Combat Skills (Att+7/Parr+1): Brawl 57%, 2-H Sword 62%/56%, Arquebus 52%

Next post: an adventure, finally!


  1. Hmmm, I find the effects and handling of POW so different that I just drop WIS and roll the new stat. Love the 3d6 to 2d6+6 conversion table.

    1. I actually considered dropping WIS and rolling POW afresh. But when I looked at my spellcasters, they both ended up with a 12POW, which seemed right. When I first rolled up Brichtrethe, I liked how her stats made her a better fighter than cleric. If Lycinia had a higher POW, she'd have been casting way more spells, so it sort of justified her time as a low-level PC with just one or two spells per day. Also, her stats were probably too good as it stands -- her worst skill category modifier is +7 percentiles whilst none of her friends have any better than +8. She's also the reason the INT chart only applies to 12-. If I'd done the whole curve, she'd have gained a point of INT.