Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Traveller - Star Trader (Setup)

I decided to randomly play a little Traveller a while back using Star Trader. I wrote it all out but got distracted with Runequest, so forgot to ever post it. I shall rectify that now, since I haven't got anything post-able for RQ adventure #2 yet.

Here is the setup, 5 totally random characters and their ship. They were all generated with Classic Traveller rules. The last line of each 'character sheet ' shows the source: mostly Merchant Prince but some JTAS articles as well. Some day I will get back to my Traveller campaign properly, and these PCs may surface again should I need a merchant crew. 

Anyway, here they are. Their adventure (so far) will come tomorrow.

Captain Inty Liljingiv - Captain / Owner aboard / Navigator
939A84   Age 38   ex-Merchant   5 terms
Homeworld: Mingiz/Foreven (A668887-C Ri Cp)
Human female

Admin-1, Gambling-3, Gunnery-1, JOT-1, Leader-2, Legal-1, Liaison-1, Navigation-1, Pilot-1, Ship's Boat-1, Steward-2, Vacc-1, Zero-G Combat-1

Cr40000, Far Trader (30 yr. mortgage), Mid Passage x5
Relationship: Sexual partner of Orneev Herremmenen
Career: Failed to secure a job aboard a free trader, so joined an interface line instead as a purser. After serving two terms, was sent to Deck school and steadily worked her way up to ship's captain.
Book 7

Dr. Fomrut Kwoxon - Medic
668B9A   Age 35   ex-Navy O3   4 terms
Homeworld: Tierdan/Foreven (3238 B200862-C Na Va)
Human Male

Admin-2, Carousing-1, Computer-1, Electronics-2, JOT-1, Medic-4 (Pathology-1, Lab tech-1), Navigation-1, Vacc-1

Blade, Low Passage
Relationship: Knows a dark secret about Diula Korfize
Career: Graduated with honours from the Imperial Naval academy on Tierdan, then opted for Medical school, again graduating with honours. Promoted up to Lieutenant Commander in his first term of active duty (term 3). Admitted to the prestigious Imperial Academy of Science and Medicine to study pathology (term 4), but failed out in the last year. Demoted back to lieutenant. Injured on patrol mission (faled survival roll first year of term 5) and mustered out.
Book 5
Imperial Academy of Science and Medicine JTAS 22

Auoth Epperson - Pilot
7B9A96   Age 38   ex-Merchant O2   5 terms
Homeworld: Mzarz/Foreven(2639 A221775-B Na Po)
Human Male

Admin-2, ATV-1, Blade-1, Electronics-1, Engineering-1, Leader-1, Legal-1, Liaison-1, Navigation-1, Pilot-1, Ship'sBoat-2, Vacc-2

Middle Passage
Relationship: Friendship through guilt with Orneev Herremmenen
Career: Has spent his entire, rather lacklustre, career working in the engineering department for an interface line. Wnted to be a pilot, but didn't quite manage a chance until now.
Book 7

Orneev Herremmenen - Steward
86B798   Age 34   ex- Merchant O1   4 terms
Homeworld: Haarui/Foreven (2540 C6B5555-8 Fl Ni)
Human Male

Brawling-1, Bribery-1, Broker-3, Dagger-1, Gambling-1, Legal-2, Steward-2

Relationship: Secretly hates Diula Korfize
Career: Learnt a lot about interstellar commerce (legal and otherwise) travelling around on various free traders both within and without the Imperium. After an injury sustained repelling pirates near Estoner, he was forced to spend time recuperating in hospital. Once healed, he hired on aboard the first trader that would have him.
Book 7

Diula Korfize - Engineer
85C798   Age 34   ex-Skyport Authority   4 terms
Homeworld: Veegint/Foreven (3234 B743784-A)
Solomani female

Admin-3, Body Pistol-1, Bribery-1, Engineering-1, Gambling-1, Gravitics-1, Interrogation-2, Streetwise-1

Relationship: Bitter about a past event towards Lt. Fomrut Kwoxon
Career: Spent 16 years working for the Veegint port authority in the freight handling department at the downport. A lot of questionable things passed through her office, but she usually managed to keep her nose clean(ish). Things eventually caught up with her, and she was forced to leave under a cloud of suspicion (failed re-enlistment roll).
Skyport Authority JTAS 19

The Ship & Expenses

The Hekabe
Ship type: Far Trader type A2
Life support (per trip):
    Crew: (5) Cr10000
    High/medium: Cr2000x 1-5
    Low: Cr100 x 1-4
Fuel Tonnage: 50t
    Refined: 25000
    Unrefined: 5000
Berthing: Cr100
    (Full J1: 35500
    (Full J2: 45500
Crew salaries (Monthly):
    Captain -
    Pilot 6000
    navigator -
    medic 2600
    engineer 4000
    Steward 3600
Mortgage: 275729
Maintenance: (annual) due in 171 days

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